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Garden in Concrete jungles - An inside view

Updated on May 21, 2016

Vertical garden

In this world, home is a place where we live in and spend most of our time. A beautiful home is incomplete without plants greenery surmounting it. The green lush view of the house, surrounded by different plants and trees will no doubt causes lot of pleasantness for the passerby's as well as to the people who live there.

However in the recent years excess population and urbanization had lead to multi-storied concrete buildings with almost no space for garden. Now, apartment living culture is so predominant that, it has hardly been given any scope to focus on gardening at least as a hobby. Even though many people show interest in gardening, due to constraints like limited or no space and poor proper sunlight, they are unable to go ahead and a majority of them end with using balcony or patio. So vertical gardening is a concept which is emerging throughout to bring the greenery look to the sky scrape building

Steps for starting a low budget organic vegetable Terrace garden

Benefits of vertical garden

One may think of in this way, what is the need for a vertical gardening if space is the major constraint? But if they aware of the benefits associated with vertical gardening then surely they will regret for their ignorance.

Vertical gardening will not only enhance the look of the building, but it also reduces the surrounding temperature and keeps the atmosphere cool.

Living near to the greenery spot helps to inhale plenty of oxygen which the plants release more during the day. Breathing fresh morning air increases the functioning capacity of the brain and body which is good start for a healthy life.

The garden plants act like guards which absorbs all the poisonous gases like co2 released into the environment thereby protecting us from inhaling it thus causing lots of good to us.

Spending time daily at least an hour in nursing the plants, is not only a good exercise to the body but also reduces anxiety disorders, depression and loneliness if we have.

What else could be a great idea if you grow your own veggies and fruits in your patio, balcony are on the roof top!

In fact growing some greens, veggies and fruits like citrus, grapes, green leafy vegetables, and medicinal herbs, like rosemary, thyme in the space is a good thought than keeping the space idle. At least growing climbers are creepers which do not need much time for maintenance except a mug of water and hand fist of manure thrice in a week is mostly welcoming advice.

It is not a surprise to say that many of us would prefer to have hand-picked fresh veggies and fruits than some days old stock for eating, because fresh veggies and fruits have high pranic energy. This prana or the vital force brings liveliness in us, if we eat it in raw state. So freshness has a lot of benefits.

Staying or sitting under the trees by spending some time during the day too have health benefits. Large huge trees have a lot of pranic energy and a big aura. So hugging the trees will boost your vital energies.

If you are not a gardening hobbyist then make gardening has a hobby now, it enhances your life span and health in many ways than we know. Have a happy gardening.


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