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Important Features to Consider When Shopping for Curtain Tie Backs

Updated on July 14, 2010

Curtains are a wonderful way to accentuate the features of any home, but chances are, you won’t want them covering your windows at all times. In order to let the light in and draw open the drapes during the day, you will need a set of curtain tie backs. These accessories are easy to find, as there is a large selection in home goods stores, as well as here online. Yet before you jump to the first set you find, there are important features to consider that will make you happier and more excited about your purchase.

The first aspect to consider is what material you are going to choose. Not only does the material impact the appearance and durability, but they will add a casual, contemporary or traditional feel to the room. For example, simple variations include those made from cotton, felt or rope. These soft fabric curtain tie backs are just what you need to keep consistent with a simple and laid-back atmosphere, and they are easy to use and match well with solid colored fabric panels. On the other hand, those made from metal, beads or glass will add a contemporary or modern look to the room. If you plan to use Victorian theme you would do well to try those made from brass, gold or have tassels hanging down.

In addition to the material, you will also need to choose a color. The color you choose should complement the rest of your home. Try to match the curtain tie backs with other hardware in the room, such as the door knobs or window hinges. While consistent may look great in some homes, you may be one that prefers bright and bold colors throughout the home. This modern way of decorating leaves plenty of room for playfulness, so you can choose those that are brightly colored instead, as well as those made from colorful beads and fabrics.

Finally, think about the appropriate size for your drapes. If you have lightweight panels, you can choose from fabric or rope curtain tie backs that can hang loosely when you open up the windows. If you have heavy or thermal panels, you will need something more durable to hold them open. In this case, it’s best to have a solid style that screw firmly into the wall, which is easy to do and usually includes do-it-yourself installation materials and instructions. These accessories use a few screws and then secure into the wall, allowing for a sturdy place hook the drapes. Even better, some styles have decorative features, such as rounded knobs, or silhouettes of birds or butterflies from nature.

There are so many varieties when it comes to curtain accessories, which makes it easy to choose the styles and colors that you find work best with your home. Best of all, these window accessories are budget friendly, so you are able to splurge a little and get what you really want! It’s time to draw them open and let in some light!

There are many sites, like Curtains Galore, that have lots of great ideas for all types of curtains and window treatments.


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