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Imported Granite Can Help To Enhance Looks In a Kitchen if Used in a Counter Top

Updated on June 16, 2012

Granite is an igneous rock that occurs naturally in a vast range of colors and textures. Granite as a stone is very strong and durable and this has led to its popularity leading to it being used in places that see a lot of traffic or places that see other continuous uses. Granite has become very commonly used as counter tops in kitchens and places that require to be maintained with a high standard of cleanliness.

Most granite that comes into the United States is imported and comes in from Africa, Brazil and Europe as well as other nations. Granite when imported will normally come in in the form of large blocks. These blocks are obtained from quarries that use techniques not involving blasting. They are then processed into tiles or slabs. The advantage of granite is that it always retains its value, is cost effective and rarely cracks or blisters. It resists stains and granite imported is available in hundreds of shades and color and even different textures. Every granite slab is unique and the patterns in it are rarely repeated. The colors never change and besides their easy to clean virtue, add a touch of class to the area where they are installed.

Imported granite can be used in counter tops either as tiles or as a single slab. Granite tiles will be available in standard sizes and thicknesses but need to be attached to wooden or other bases with the proper adhesives. Most of the cutting and polishing of such tiles is done on computer controlled machines, that ensures the required accuracy for joints. The installation has to be done with epoxy adhesives that allow for joints that are almost invisible.

Slab granite tops can be manufactured to the exact requirements of a counter and here the weight of the slab will actually determine the size. It is quite common for such slabs to have special edges and decorative features which form a permanent part of the counter top.

Granite counter tops make for surfaces that are very hard and easy to clean and maintain. Their hardness is compared to diamond, and it is actually diamonds that are used in the cutting and polishing tools that make the final product that actually fits on to your kitchen counter top. You can safely keep very hot pots and pans on a granite counter top without fear of it causing any damage like blisters. Granite never absorbs oil or hot grease, especially if it has been treated with a silicone impregnator. You can even use the counter top directly to knead and roll out dough, something that you will find being done in large hotel kitchens.

It is quite common to use sealants to seal the surfaces of polished counter tops made of granite, especially where the granite is of a light shade. It is also necessary sometimes to polish the stone at site after installation so that the entire surface presents a uniform look. Sealing of the surface is done after such polishing is completed.


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