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The Flume Smart Water System Brings “Smarts” To Water Consumption At Home

Updated on October 2, 2019

Control Your Water Costs

Everyone complains about their electrical costs — how the rates go up in the summer when it’s needed most for AC and how the electric company seems poised to raise those rates every time you turn around. But for some reason no one seems to be complaining about another cost that a homeowner can’t do without — water. You need it to drink, to wash the dishes or take a shower. Not to mention watering the lawn among other things. So you can’t do without water and while the rates don’t vary from season to season (and least not yet), the cost isn’t inconsequential. That’s especially true in the case of water leaking, be it from a garden hose, the connection to the washing machine to a damaged pipe. Or a dripping shower or sink faucet. There’s no joy in getting a big water bill, but there doesn’t seem to really be any way to moderate, if not at least monitor the use of water. You can wait to get the bill but all that tells you is how much was used over a period of time — it doesn’t help you when you need to know. So do you accept defeat? No, you get the Flume Smart Water System.

What The Flume Consists Of and How It Installs

What the name does is easy to understand but even easier to use. To simplify it’s a device that “reads” the water going from the utility supply situated at your house and notes what is being used, which means it can provide details and alerts about leaks and more. It uses WiFi so that means you have to have a home network to connect it to (but not for the sensor as it uses radio frequency/RF with a 1000 foot range). And of course the master brain that takes what Flume is doing and translates it into info a human can understand comes from an app (iOS/Android) being used on a smartphone or tablet.

So you start by installing the sensor around your water meter — using attached rubber bands so there’s no wiring or plumbing work involved. The water meter is usually right outside the house — in the usual case it’ll be in a covered pit (not deep). The water meter is either analog with dials on its face (needing to be read manually) or digital, in which case it is usually sending the info it gets to the utility directly. In either case this is done by a magnetic disc inside the meter that spins as water hits it. The sensor (which has its own long-lasting battery) “reads” the magnetic field and then sends the info it has gleaned to the Flume Bridge. The Bridge has been set up inside the house with an account and then is paired to the WiFi Network, this being done through the app. The app also is used to validate both the Bridge and the sensor prior to their going online — basically the app is used to do the setup and get everything going that doesn’t require physical placement.

The App Takes Charge

With all this done, it’s from the app that you’ll get details and, in some cases, alerts as to water usage being abnormal. Of course all this is based off of initial data provided to the app — FYI, it’s the Cloud where the data goes initially before the app gets to it — with the account now generated having inputted information re: normal usage as to number of people in the household, average usage (taken off of numbers from the water meter or by interpreting/analyzing the water bill) as regards the various areas where water is being used (examples being outside irrigation and inside toilets). Multiple devices, including computers, can be used with the account so those more prone to using a tablet when home and a smartphone when on the move won’t find this an issue.

The Flume Smart Water System works with Alexa and retails for $199.00. That’s a flat fee too as there are no subscription/monthly charges for use. Considering the costs of water, which is no less prone to price increases than electricity, there’s no denying the value of having this sensor system. For more information go to


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