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Improve Your Design: 13 Tips for Jazzing Up the Stairs

Updated on December 24, 2015

Your stairs are not simply a comfortable way to move from one floor to another, though they are also a clean canvas waiting for your imagination and creativity. Here are 13 incredible ideas to step up their look:

Above: Wallpapers on the risers allot a staircase a distinctive view, as it can be noticed on Domino.


From BHG: painting treads in diverse, brilliant and bright colors will add a cheerful look to your staircase.

A multi-colored, graphic pattern provides a traditional stair runner with a contemporary twist, as viewed on Keltainentalorannalla. In case you've made up your mind to go for this very look, be sure to secure the stair runner for you to avoid falling down.

I enjoy the look of ombre stairs, depicted on Ladnebebe.

Cozy Little Cave’s designer dressed up the stairs in her apartment with paint chips.

A simple wallpaper pattern on a wall, inside the staircase, from Home Adore.

Picture or painting on a staircase and the bordering wall give a cheerful combination of color, as displayed on Dwell.

Fill the underside of the stairs with wallpaper, as on What Katie Ate.

A staircase runner with painting and jaunty lines in the middle, designed by Faded Plains.

Jim Lambie, a famous artist, makes stairs real masterpieces with vinyl tape (Contemporary Art Daily).

Paint the bannisters, as on Martha Stewart.

Tile your staircase (as depicted on the image from Domino) and make a great commitment, though it will give you a huge payoff.

Finally, from Artful Home, Penny, Petra and Sydney's Gorgeous, a staircase with something to say.

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