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In The Kitchen: Tricks That Will Blow Your Mind

Updated on June 17, 2015

We All Have Secrets: I'll Tell You Mine

Spending time in the kitchen doesn't have to be a struggle. I am going to tell you some of my favorite kitchen hacks that will probably leave you speechless (they are great- I promise!) And i can guarantee that you will adopt at least a few of these tricks!

Citrus Ice Cubes:

Slice lemons, limes, or oranges (or all three!) Then put the slices in a muffin pan and fill the remaining space in the muffin holes with water. Put in the freezer and allow time to freeze - and then you have large sized citrus ice cubes! I love doing this for pitcher water!

Juicing Citrus Fruit Secret

Roll citrus fruit with your palm against your counter or cutting board before you use it to juice. Rolling it will make it juicier which will also make it easier and faster to juice - especially if your doing it by hand. This one little added step will make the worlds difference.

Opening Jars Easily

Use a rubber band and put it around the cap or lid that you are trying to open - this makes it easier to grip therefore easier to open. If you can find a rubber band or you have kitchen gloves you can use those too! Opening jars is no longer an issue in this house!

Yogurt Pops

Its unbelievably simple and when i found this tip browsing the internet one day i couldn't believe that i had never thought of it myself! Stick Popsicle sticks through the top of your closed yogurt cups and stick in the freezer. How easy and how delicious! I personally love to use light&fit yogurt for this!

Crystallized Honey

Don't throw it out and waste it! Its still good even though its harder than dickens to get out of the container. Put some hot water in a bowl or pot and put the whole honey container into the hot water. This will make it just like new!

Softer Ice Cream

Store your ice cream in a ziplock freezer bag! It will keep the cold air from making your ice cream hard as a rock.. No more bending spoons or waiting for it to soften before serving!

Boiling Water Trick

I would honestly be surprised if you haven't heard this one yet but you never know - some have known for years and some people (like me) have only found this recently. To stop water from boiling over in the pot simply put a wooden spoon over the top of the pot. I do not know the science or reasoning behind this but so far it has worked for me!

Reheat Pasta The Right Way

I cannot stand it when i reheat last nights pasta for lunch and i have to open the microwave four or five times to stir it to be sure that it heats all the way through. And most of the time it turns out that you didn't heat it properly because you get that one cold or semi-cold bite and it almost ruins it for you. With this tip there is no more worrying whether you cooked it thoroughly or not. Leave a circle of empty space in the center of your plate with the pasta around it. I am not sure why but for some reason when you do this trick it always heats evenly and you don't have to check on it every few seconds to stir it up.

Freeze Left-Over Sauces

Frugal moms like me hate wasting things - especially sauces! When i have a recipe that calls for half of a can of tomato paste i am not about to let that other half go to waste when i know it can be saved and used later. Get an empty ice cube tray and fill the tray with the left over sauce. Freeze and save for when you need it. Its easy to reheat, i haven't noticed a difference in flavor and i absolutely love doing this with homemade sauces! You put all that hard work into making that sauce perfect - so save it for another night!

Broken Egg-Shell Disaster

Oh the struggle when you crack that egg and a piece of egg shell falls into the bowl. That is one of the most painful things i witness in my kitchen. I used to dread when it happened to me but not any longer. I used to take five minutes trying to dig it out with my finger or a spoon, and i always ended up getting irritated because it would always slip away! Scoop it out with one of the halves of the egg shell you cracked! So much easier and way less complicated and frustrating!

Egg Freshness Test

Get a glass of water that is close to room temperature and gently place the egg in the water. The secret here is: the older the egg is the higher it will float! So if you have an egg that sinks all the way to the bottom than that egg is super fresh (That egg will be delicious!) but if it floats at the top then its probably time to throw that egg out.

Genius Fish Grilling Secret

Slice up lemons and cook the fish over-top of the slices on the grill. Not only will this add flavor but it will keep your fish from getting stuck to the grill and/or falling apart!

Dental Floss Cutter

I love this tip especially for making cake! Its so easy and makes the perfect cut! Its pretty self explanatory.. Just get a long piece of dental floss - hold each end and make the floss tight and use it to cut through any soft food like cake or butter.

Measuring Sticky Substances

Measuring sticky stuff (such as honey) can be a pain because it always gets stuck all over the measuring cup and you can never get it all out without wasting some of it. Spray some non-stick spray into your measuring cup before measuring the sticky substance and it will literally slide right out when your done. Can you say GENIUS!?!

DIY Fruit & Veggie Wash

Mix 1 cup water, 1 tablespoon fresh lemon juice, and 1 teaspoon baking soda. Put this mixture into a clean spray bottle and waa-la! The easiest fruit and veggie cleaner ever!

Sliding Cutting Board

This can be pretty dangerous - your getting ready to cut something and the cutting board slides on the counter and you almost cut yourself. Scary! There's a simple fix for that : Get a paper town damp and put it under the cutting board. No more sliding!

Peeling Garlic

The super simple way : Smash whole garlic with the bottom of a plate or bowl then put the pieces into a seal-able container and shake! All of the pieces of skin will separate from the garlic and then all you have to do is pull the skins out and toss them!

Baking With Butter

Use cold or even frozen butter and use a cheese grater to grate your butter. When baking this makes it easier to mix in because the butter melts faster in smaller pieces.

Shred Chicken

Make shredding easy and less time consuming by using your kitchen aid mixer.

Keep Lettuce Fresh

Put a piece of dry paper-towel over the lettuce and then cover with plastic wrap. The paper-towel helps to absorb extra water which is what causes your lettuce to wilt and get soggy so fast. And it lasts about a week!

Pizza Cutter Trick

Use a pizza cutter to cut pancakes, pizza, or even spaghetti for the kiddos! They need smaller bites but we want to eat too. Make the process of cutting faster by just using a pizza cutter instead of a knife.

DIY Travel Cup

This is especially great for kids! Use Stretch Press-n-Seal over any cup and easily stick a straw through the top of it. It makes for a great spill proof cup and like i said its kid-friendly!

Some More Tips From Gordon Ramsay!

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Thank you all for reading! I hope you found some useful tricks here!

If you have any tips or tricks that were not stated in this hub feel free to leave it in the comments below!


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