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Just in time for Christmas: Increase Kitchen Counter Space with these Great Ideas

Updated on November 25, 2011

These days, kitchen counter space is at a premium. If you're like most people, your kitchen counters are cluttered with unused appliances, spice jars, and a plethora of other little objects. This is never a good sign, especially if you have a small kitchen workspace to begin with.

As this epidemic grows, companies are creating more and more products to remedy the situation. One could easily go into debt trying to get all of these products at once, and yet, there's an easier way. Just a few simple solutions can create several extra feet of working space...

  • Cutting Board Counter Top - An easy way to increase kitchen counter space is to forget about the counters. Open that unused junk drawer, place a large cutting on top, then shut the drawer until the board fits snugly. The cutting board becomes an instant extra counter top.
  • Home on the Range - For temporary storage, place metal trays over unused range burners. These inexpensive range covers can be purchased just about everywhere, and they can add a ton of extra kitchen counter space.
  • Hide the Sink - Sinks in modern homes tend to take up a lot of counter space. Cutting boards specially designed to fit over the sink can easily remedy this problem. Better yet, create your own! Use some recycled newspaper to trace out a template, then use the template as a guide to cut the wood. Overlay the cut wood with laminate and place over the sink.
  • Collapsible Counter Tops - Create an easy-to-use fold-out kitchen counter. Using piano hinges, plywood, and a couple 2x4's, you can easily create and mount a separate counter on the back of a door.
  • Kitchen Sink Pull Out - That little fake drawer under most kitchen sinks serves no purpose, but yet it's a common sight in most homes. Put that blank space to use and install a tilting storage trough. This will help tremendously in creating kitchen counter space by providing an extra nook to place objects that would normally take up room on your counter top.
  • Behind-the-door-holder - If you're like a lot of people, you simply have way too much clutter taking up valuable kitchen counter space. Get rid of some of that clutter by installing wire holders behind the cabinet doors. This is a perfect space to store pan lids, wax paper and tinfoil. These little holders can be installed quickly and easily.


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