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Indian Curries a Sure Cure,[ Also EDF ].Get Hot See Videos.

Updated on February 23, 2013
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A qualified Textile Post Diploma Graduate and Ex.M D of a Textile Mill.

Anti Birth Control.

Indian Food.Population problem.
Indian Food.Population problem.

Chole (Indian Chickpea Curry) Recipe

1 Indian Chicken = 6 KFC.

Chicken Chill out.
Chicken Chill out.

Curry reminds any with Manjula.

Go to any Indian interior rural villages,you won't get drinking water,there are no Drug Stores,No Hospitals,No Doctors,No Toilets,No Bath rooms,No Schools but you can see lot of children half naked playing in the streets.If no one is seen they are all there at weekly Market Shows.

Visit any home you won't see any gas burners in the kitchen,no pressure cookers,no stainless steel utensils,no fridge as there will be no electric power,they are unaware of solar cookers,They won't eat Rice as their main meal,most of them are non veggies.they consume all the eggs their chickens hatch,they wont eat pig or cow.

They are all anti virus by birth.major epidemics are rare.Cuts,Bruises,sprains,fractures will be happening including burns.They are all taken care off by a illiterate village Doctor only.Bone dislocations are set by hand using special techniques.Family traditional lessons from father to son.

Oops the main topic is Curries that are cooked by different set of people at different places with different mixes of Spices that only the women folk know.You don't see any male cooks at home.There are Male cooks but they are used only in family or near rural road shows,festivals.These Spices that are used are all Herbal grown by people who know the chemistry of the soil.

The effect of these spices on our digestive system is itself a cure for many aliments.Pepper Soup for Cold,Chewing Cloves for cough.Meals with liquid diet for indigestion,drinking Castor oil to get rid of worms in the stomach intestines.Making Poppy Seeds boiled in milk with raw sugar with Saffron for sexual appetite,taking daily oil bath with coconut oil being applied all over the body including hair for good skin texture and hair growth,applying turmeric on young girls face so that no hair will grow on their face.Walking miles daily to get rid of fat,applying lime powder with turmeric boiled in Castor oil made asĀ  paste over pimples.brushing teeth with neem sticks made to look like tooth brush,cleaning eyes with goats milk for any un natural look of the retina,drinking barley water for dehydration,eating fruits in plenty that are grown in a particular season,washing floor with Cows urine ( a powerful anti septic and anti mosquito repellent ).drinking salt water through nose in plenty and getting induced vomiting,washing hands and feet before entering the house,getting their bowls moved in to hand dug small pits,taking food at fixed time where ever they are,eating wheat,johar,ragi,corn with herbal filled spices Curry and sleeping early and getting up early is the cause for a place with plenty of children( No T V is the reason ) and no trace of Doctor or Drug Store.

These village people treat any sort of discese free.All Herbs are made in to paste and dissolved in milk and given for internal consumption and as paste for external applications.

Did I hear some body sing a song beginning with Incredible India.

We got many like our populor Manjula the Kitchen Queen.

Potato Currie.

Mushroom with Peas Spicy Curry.

Rajma Curry Kidny Beans.Panjabi Dish.


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    • Rooskaya profile image

      Rooskaya 6 years ago from Russia

      Thanks for mouth-watering Indian recipes.