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Indoor Herb Garden How to have an Indoor Herb Garden

Updated on August 31, 2009

Having an indoor herb garden is always a wonderful thing to have during the wintertime and early spring. I know that an indoor herb garden might seem like a challenge for many people to grow, but it is possible to have an indoor herb garden at any time of the year. I know that from experience it can be difficult if you have pets and are trying to work on an indoor herb garden. I know that I have successfully grown an indoor herb garden for a couple of years and thought I would share some of the tips and advice that I have used to get my indoor herb garden to work out so that I can have some nice and wonderful fresh herbs in the middle of winter and early spring.

The first tip that I have to help you with an indoor herb garden is if you can afford it to purchase an Aerogarden. I know that the Aerogarden can be expensive, but it does work wonders at allowing you to have a very successful and bountiful indoor herb garden. So this would be the first method that I would recommend for having an indoor herb garden.

The second tip for having a great indoor herb garden is to use small pots for this task. Then you will want to find some great potting soil. I know that for many of us this can be picked up during the summer season and towards the end of the year as a clearance rack buy. Which if you pick up the potting soil on a clearance you can find an even cheaper indoor herb garden option. Then you will want to try to find a nice sunny location that you can keep warm during the winter months for your indoor herb garden. I know that for some of us this can be a window sill, but if you have animals you will want to try to keep them out of your animals reach as well.

When you choose your winning location you will want to make sure that your able to keep that location warm. The location that I have found that works best for my indoor herb garden is a window in my kitchen. That way when I am cooking I can easily reach my indoor herb garden for my fresh herbs, and then it will be warm when I am cooking. Not only that my animals are usually not inside of the kitchen doing anything unless I am inside of the kitchen. So I do not really have to worry about my cats turning the potting soil into a new litter box or the dogs eating my herbs as a tasty treat.

While many people will have a wide variety of ideas on how to have an indoor herb garden I know that these are the two methods that I have found to work best for me. Many other ideas do exist, but like I just said these worked best for me because of my animals, the kitchen location if you also have room would be a great place to have your indoor herb garden because it is convient, warm, and a great way to keep a good eye on it to see how it is growing.

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