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Indoor Space Heaters

Updated on October 26, 2017
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Space heaters are a great way to heat up your home as needed. There are different heaters for different square inches of your home. Some will heat up a large space and some will heat up a small space. Always make sure you keep an eye on your space heater and turn it off when you are not home. Never use a power strip because it is a fire hazard. Always plug your space heater directly into your wall. Some heaters have an automatic turn off when they are accidently tipped over. Try to purchase one of those heaters.


Oil Heaters

These could take a long time to heat up. It would suck if you are already cold. I don't trust these kind of heaters as well because they can tip over easily. They would heat up a large space though. Using one of these heaters would defiantly heat up a large living room or a dining room. Out of a 1-10, I would give it a 5 on the rating scale. If companies would improve the base of this type of heater, I think it would be better to use. These heaters can cost up to $50.00 usd.


Radiant Heaters

Radiant heaters can heat up a room quickly. Most of them do have the function that when they tip over, they automatically turn off. This is a good safety feature in case you are asleep. You will need to keep on eye on children when using one of these, because they can get their fingers inside the bars and burn themselves. This type of heater can heat up a large room as well, so they would do well in a kitchen or a bedroom. These heaters can cost up to $80.00 usd.

Portable Heaters

This heaters are great to use for an office space. They don't heat up a large room, but the area around you. You can also bring them into an RV or a camper. Some of them do not have the safety feature and may not shut off when tipped over. Always read the box it comes in before you purchase. It should say if it has the safety feature or not. The box may also have information on how large of space the heater will work in. These heaters can cost up to $30.00 usd depending on the size of the heater.


Utility heaters work great in large spaces like a one bedroom apartment or a garage. They also include the safety feature and are safe around children. Three of these heaters would heat up a house. Baseboard heating can get expensive, but using space heaters can cut the bill in half and save you a lot of money. Always check your heaters to make sure they are working properly every year. A utility heater can vost up to $20.00 usd depending on where you go to buy.

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