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Indoor Trees That Are Hardy and Tough To Kill

Updated on March 17, 2011
sago palm
sago palm
Jade plant
Jade plant
long leaf ficus
long leaf ficus
long leaf ficus
long leaf ficus
dracaena marginata or Madagascar dragon tree
dracaena marginata or Madagascar dragon tree
jungle drum
jungle drum
jungle drum, alternate view
jungle drum, alternate view
screw pine or pandan
screw pine or pandan
small screw pine plant
small screw pine plant
Norfolk pine
Norfolk pine

Low maintenance easy care indoor trees and large shrubs and plants

Sago Palm or Cycad: This guy is unkillable, which may account for its nickname as the world's oldest plant. It also likes sun and at least one warm season a year, and happily doesn't need much water. While the sago palm is certainly attractive, it can be poisonous to pets, and even small children, so if you have dogs, cats or kids who tend to eat your houseplants, give the sago palm a pass.

Jade plant: Here is an indoor tree/plant that likes low humidity environments. Jade plants are succulents, so they store water in their leaves. They like bright light, though it needn't be direct sun. Jades have fun, slightly bulbous leaves that make them seem almost pehistoric, and they easily form new branches.

Long Leaf Ficus: Finally, a ficus that you can move without causing all of the tree's leaves to fall off. It has longer leaves than the traditional ficus tree. And the more sun your "ficus allii" gets, the more water it will need.

Madagascar Dragon Tree, aka Dracaena Marginata: A houseplant that can resemble a palm, the dragon tree can come as a tree or a bush. It can grow pretty tall without becoming so wide that it takes up an entire room. It likes bright, indirect light and a comfortable room temperature to thrive.

"Jungle Drum" or Carludovica: A tropical plant and believed to be a relative palm trees, this big-leafed plant can grow to tree-like proportions in the right conditions. Most important is to keep it decently well watered; it is tropical so it does best in humid conditions. It also likes some sunlight, but can perform well in shade. And it is hardy, so treat it poorly for a few weeks and it won't die on you.

Screw Pine or Pandan: This can be a bush or tree, depending on the size of the pot and how you let it grow. It has long, sharp leaves that also are aromatic and popular ingredient in malaysian cuisine! It is easy to grow, though it likes humid environments and indirect sun. You can let it dry out some between waterings.

Norfolk Pine: This pine has soft needles and almost droopy branches, and it can be used as a living Christmas tree. Keep it slightly damp in summer; let it dry out between waterings in winter and use a mister to keep your norfolk pine happy year round. They prefer bright, indirect sun.


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