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Inexpenisive Window Treatment for a Child's Room

Updated on February 21, 2013

The Need for Change

"They grow up so fast!" I'm talking about kids, of course. One minute, they're babies and the next, they're moving out. Okay, obviously I skipped a lot in between the two. My point is that with each passing year comes the need to change the look and style of your child's room. No ten year-old wants to sleep in a room with walls emblazoned with Barney. In that same vein, no sixteen year-old wants Hannah Montana bed-sheets. If they do, you should probably have a heart-to-heart talk with them before they're next slumber party.

Let's face it, changing a room's decor can be pricey. You have to buy new bedding, paint for the walls, window treatments, etc. This article is going to save you some money on one of those items. I'm going to show you how to make an inexpensive valance that you can incorporate into any decor. Bonus - this is super simple!

Decisions, Decisions!

So, it's time for a change. The first thing you have to do, is help your child decide on the next decor/theme for the bedroom. Don't worry about limiting your child's wishes, because any theme will work with these curtains. Once a style is agreed upon, go shopping. You really can't choose the colors for the windows until you find the bedding and decide upon wall color.

After you find the perfect items for the bedroom decor, you will need to choose three or four colors for the valance. Two colors could work, but I think it looks too symmetrical and too much like stripes. If your child is into stripes, then by all means, use only two colors.

This particular room was for my teenage daughter. She was thirteen at the time, and wanted her room to be bright green and black. For the window treatments, I chose green, black, and bright pink. There really isn't any other pink in the room per se, but I thought it would be a good accent color.

Necessary Materials

For this project, you will need three main items - Fabric, Clothespins, and Yarn. You'll also need something to wrap the yarn around to secure it. I use push pins, but you can use sewing pins, nails, etc.

Fabric - If you're like me, a bit of a fabric addict, you probably have stacks and stacks of fabric. If not, the local fabric store is the place for you. DON'T spend a lot of money on fabric. All you need is something that will hang from the windows. You don't need durability. You don't need stain-resistant. You just need fabric and not a lot of it. Check the clearance racks first. You should only need to spend a few dollars on the fabric. See, I told you it would be inexpensive.

Clothespins - Most of us, when we think of clothespins, think of the old wooden ones our Mom's had. Well, in case you aren't aware, there are lots more options out there now. When my youngest daughter was a baby, I found pale pink and pale green pins - the colors of her nursery. For my teenager's room, I used black pins.

Yarn - There's not a lot to say about this. You will use the yard as the curtain "rod". Choose a color that works with your room. Again, I chose black.


Like I said before, this is such a simple project! Here are the steps:

1. Cut the fabric

2. Hang the yarn

3. Pin the fabric onto the yarn


I'll go into the instructions with a little more depth, but I'm sure you could figure it out with just the above steps. It really is that easy.

Cut the fabric into squares. I cut mine into 12x12 squares. For correct measuring and clean cutting, it's best to use a rotary mat and cutter. If you don't have these, a ruler and a pair of scissors will work fine.

Place push pins(or whatever you're using) in the proper positions above the top corners of the windows.

Wrap one end of yarn around a push pin and string across to the other pin. Wrap second end around second pin.

Pin the squares of fabric to the yarn. I have experimented a lot with how to hang the fabric, and I find that hanging them "on point" looks best. Fold a little of the point over the yarn and pin.

Space out the hanging fabric to your liking. Several bunched together will look more lush and thick. I chose to have some separation between my fabric.

What's Next?

If after a few years, your child wants to ditch the current decor for the latest and greatest style, don't panic! These window treatments are interchangeable! All you need for them is different color fabric. TIP - Use a neutral color for the yarn and clothespins. In doing so, you'll be able to use them with each theme change.

My teenage daughter is now sixteen and still loves her room! I'm hoping we can stick with the black and green until she leaves for college. Then, I guess we'll be picking out fabric colors for her dorm windows. Yikes!


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