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Inexpensive Bathroom Upgrades and Renovation

Updated on November 6, 2015

According to a recent Houzz and Home survey of homeowners, the bathroom was the most popular remodeling project (the kitchen was a close second).

Bathroom space can be easily and quickly updated by a few details, like installing quality fixtures that have a timeless style (the Wynford collection from Moen offers not only style, but versatility, with a wide range of faucet options, towel racks, cabinet and door fixtures, drawer handles and finish choices-also, don't forget that existing fixtures can also be repainted or refaced) and increasing storage (that will improve the bathroom's function-for example, a new curved shower rod can add up to an additional seven inches of space in the shower).

Organizers can also bring a sophisticated look, combining great design with function (shower accessories from the Linea collection feature single, double and triple dispensers, shower baskets and squeegees, among others. For more info and details, check out

Updating The Shower

  • Simply clean it up-and keep the area organized by installing shelves or storage pieces (some items can be dual-purpose).
  • If the bathroom's large enough, consider adding some greenery to it, like a philodendron-it doesn't need soil and can thrive in a small pot. Also consider some aromatic plants that can be kept in the shower (if you have the space); a few sprigs of lavender or eucalyptus will not only provide a pleasant fragrance, the aroma will also help calm your mind.
  • Bring in some music and special lighting. A fan or light can be installed that features a Bluetooth speaker; and Home Netwerks has an option that allows you to select lighting based on your mood (for example, you can switch between white LED or a soft blue light).For the really cheap, just bring in a portable radio! (make sure it's carefully placed, to keep it-and you-out of harm's way).
  • The showerhead can be updated with multiple spray settings that range from massage to soft and pulsating combinations.

Other Budget-Friendly Ideas

Sometimes all that's needed for a totally new look is a fresh coat of paint. Is the bathroom in a bright, vibrant color? Consider a more subdued shade. Or just paint one (or two) walls-or just a cabinet or the tub (if you have one).

Install a wall-hung mirror.

Usually, replacing or putting in new countertops is a pricey endeavor, but since countertop space is limited in the average bathroom, it won't cost a fortune (because the cost of countertop materials is by the square foot).

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