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Innosanitation - The Wave Of The Future

Updated on March 20, 2011

It should be of primary importance to everyone to keep the interior environments where we spend the majority of our lives in a condition which will minimize the possibility of the transmission of diseases and allergic reactions which can deleteriously affect our health and that of colleagues as well as our loved ones. Sanitation in the home and workplace environment can be problematic at best when it comes to the health effects of the occupants of these structures. The essence of modern janitorial processes involves the use of cleaning concoctions which are composed of a cocktail of extremely hazardous and toxic chemic substances.

Among the most common households toxins are ammonia and bleach. Ammonia is harmful to the respiratory tract, skin and eyes, as is bleach, which is a strong corrosive. When the two combine, as is very easy given their presence in so many household cleaners, they create harmful and potentially deadly fumes. Bleach is also highly toxic to fish and other wildlife. Phosphates, common to laundry detergents and other cleaners, are frequently the cause of ocean pollution and choked waterways.

Other everyday chemics and their dangerous side effects include:

  • Dish washing products can contain highly concentrated chlorine which can leave a residue that may accumulate and contaminate food.
  • Furniture polish contains highly flammable petroleum distillates, which can also lead to skin and lung cancer.
  • Laundry detergents can cause itching, rashes, allergies and sinus problems from the chemic compounds, which often include ammonia, phenol, sodium, phosphorus and many others.
  • Toilet bowl cleaners are among the most dangerous of household chemic solutions, containing hydrochloric acid (a highly corrosive irritant) and bleach. These can both damage eyes, skin, kidneys and the respiratory tract.
  • Drain cleaners are also one of the more dangerous products, containing sodium hydroxide and sodium hypochlorite, which can cause permanent damage to skin and eyes on contact, and lung damage from the vapors.
  • Pesticides have been linked to the rise of male and female infertility.
  • Glass cleaners include ammonia and coal tar dyes, and some include butyl cellosolve, a neurotoxin.
  • Even the chemics we use to make our air smell better are actually poisoning it. Air fresheners can include formaldehyde and phenol, and release nerve-deadening agents that coat nasal passages.
  • The rise of chemic use in the home has also paralleled increases in numerous illnesses. Asthma ranks among the most common chronic conditions today, and allergies increase by nearly 50 million Americans every year. Children are showing some of the most drastic symptoms, with brain cancer among children increasing 40 percent in the last 20 years. The leading childhood illnesses are now asthma, cancer and ADD.

There are numerous online sources available to help you find the best at-home recipes for your needs and that offer advice on everything from everyday cleaning to how to deal with specific surfaces without resorting to commercial chemics. Or you can visit your local library or bookstore and peruse some of the handy guides available.

Even these "natural" cleaning strategies are not completely harm-free! Is there a better alternative for cleaning our homes?

There is, and it is part of an innovative sanitation concept which is beginning to be called Innosanitation.

Continued In: Innosanitation - The Wave Of The Future, Part 2


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    • SteveoMc profile image


      8 years ago from Pacific NorthWest

      Interesting warnings about house hold cleaners.


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