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Innosanitation - The Wave Of The Future, Part 15

Updated on March 20, 2011

As in all cases, the manufacturer must be consulted to determine whether that particular product is suitable and resistant to dry steam vapor cleaning. Particular care must be taken in cleaning commercial kitchens to ensure that they are always processed from the top down.

The power of dry steam cleaning pressures can loosen large amounts of grime that has built up in the crevasses of commercial hoods, and this can then fall into food preparation surfaces, stoves, fryers, and trays. When utilizing dry steam vapor the uppermost surfaces must be cleaned first, and then the process continued all the way down to the floor, taking care to ensure that each level is completely sanitized before proceeding to the next level. Water even in its steam form and gas / electric elements don't mix, so ensure that all mains electrical power to appliances is off and all gas orifices are sealed to avoid water pooling inside of them.

Grease and grime can accumulate under the rubber drainage mats and onto the hard, usually tiled or concrete flooring. For these heavy duty surfaces, janitorial water scrubbers are recommended. If the build-up of grease and grime is excessive or has been allowed to accumulate for a number of months or years, then dry ice blasting may become the necessary Innosanitation cleaning procedure to follow.

Many "green" commercial kitchens are adopting composting as a way to not only minimize the volume of their wastes, but also to provide a rich nutrient mulch which can be applied to organic vegetable gardens. Although it is not technically a Innosanitation cleaning technology, it is very friendly to the environment and you can consider it a way to have today's trash contribute to tomorrow's side dishes!


Offices present a very particular set of cleaning challenges which can be readily tackled by advanced Innosanitation cleaning techniques. The surfaces present in offices are similar to those found elsewhere in the commercial building, and the flooring in offices tends to be a mix of carpeted and tiled, thus they can all be successfully cleaned utilizing the technologies and devices already discussed. Where office areas present specific cleaning situations can be defined as centering around the electronic devices they contain. Most offices have multiple electronic devices in each individual area or cubicle, such as line phones, cell phones, faxes, radios, clocks, computers, speakers, printers, monitors, scanners, input devices, and many more.

Electronic devices cannot be exposed to water, especially when it has been superheated and released under the high pressures found in dry steam cleaning devices. The various Innosanitation cleaning processes which utilize water in some form are therefore inapplicable to these devices. The preferred method of cleaning office electronic devices remains microfiber cloth. Great care must be exercised when cleaning optical surfaces such as computer monitors (flatscreens far more than tube CRTs), scanner facings and biometric readers such as fingerprint verifiers. The presence of a single abrasive particle wiped across the material by a microfiber cloth can irrevocably damage optical surfaces, thus extreme caution must be used when cleaning these opticals to ensure that the microfiber cloth is impeccably clean before each wipe.

Continued In: Innosanitation - The Wave Of The Future, Part 16

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