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Innosanitation - The Wave Of The Future, Part 16

Updated on March 20, 2011

Offices also present a wide range of upholstered surfaces, and these can be subjected to dry steam vapor to a certain extent, but they also react well to cleaning with Innosanitation cleaning applications which can be considered the perfect extreme green substitutes for chemic based upholstery cleaners and fresheners such as Febreze or its commercial equivalents. Prior to the application of any cleaning technique to upholstered surfaces it is highly recommended that it be applied to a very small and hidden area of the fabric to test for color fastness or any other undesired staining effects.

Chemic absorbing indoor plants can be a benefit to any office setting as they act not only to filter toxic substances out of the indoor environment's air, but also add welcomed oxygen as they absorb the carbon dioxide we exhale. The aesthetic benefits of beautiful plants in office settings are also palpable.

Common Areas

The common areas can constitute the majority of the space in many commercial buildings, and almost all the space in medical, academic, and retail complexes. These common areas are generally subject to extremely high traffic loads which can extend to the majority of the day. It is not unusual for the janitorial staff in these high common area buildings to have to work in the middle of the night as that is the only time that the traffic in these buildings comes to a halt.

With high traffic come high levels of dirt and grime, and Innosanitation cleaning technologies are exceptionally adept at confronting these extreme challenges. The Innosanitation cleaning processes specific to various general surfaces found in most common areas have already been covered, but there are other types of materials and surfaces which are found in these parts of commercial buildings which have their own particular requirements.

There are expansive floor and wall areas which can be cleaned with dry steam vapor, but special care must be taken prior to commencing the cleaning process to hermetically seal any electrical outlets. The high pressure of steam applicators can drive water deep into electrical sockets which can lead to dangerous short circuits and fires.

The banisters and other handholds on stairwells have a tendency to become coated with the oils from the countless hands which slide across them daily. Since most of these materials are made from metals, plastics, or sealed woods, they can easily be blasted clean with dry steam vapor devices. In the rare instance that a banister is composed from unsealed wood, then the cleaning must be restricted to completely dry methods, and non chemic wood treatments such as lemon oils can be applied as long as sufficient amount of time is allowed for drying prior to the next expected public usage.

Artwork is often found in common areas and the materials which compose it must be carefully considered to determine the preferred Innosanitation cleaning technology to apply. If there is statuary or other sculptural art present, the materials determine the cleaning method. Thus if the art is hewn from stone or marble, the more intensive Innosanitation cleaning processes such as dry steam vapor can be utilized.

Continued In: Innosanitation - The Wave Of The Future, Part 17

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