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Innosanitation - The Wave Of The Future, Part 17

Updated on March 20, 2011

Should the sculpture be of a porous material like stucco or even a fragile one such as papier mache, then the options become limited essentially to a light microfiber cloth application. Painted artwork must never be subjected to rubbing, thus even microfiber cloth is not recommended. Whatever dirt cannot be removed with a very light feather dusting should be relegated to a professional art cleaning and restoration service.


Most commercial buildings make extensive use of glass and mirrors, and these surfaces require their own very particular Innosanitation cleaning techniques. The most exciting innovative development in extreme green glass technology is the self cleaning glass which is coated with a fine film of titanium dioxide or other material which attacks any dirt deposited on it through its interaction with the sun's rays. By breaking the adherence of the dirt to the glass, the next rain will handily and efficiently wash the particles away leaving behind clean glass. Various technologies are applied to glass to let it sheet rain cleanly therefore minimizing the spotting which rainwater can leave behind.

It is impractical to retrofit the thousands of square feet of glass which exist in most large commercial complexes, thus the focus must be on applying other forms of Innosanitation cleaning technology to cleaning these optical surfaces. Microfiber cloths are again the preferred solution for internal glass and mirrors, and exceptionally stubborn spotting can be removed by mixing in a bit of clear cider vinegar to the water which moistens the microfiber cloth. For external glass surfaces which are exceptionally grimy and heavily deposited, dry steam vapor works perfectly to restore the glass to a clear, clean, as new appearance.

Mirrors and other glass which is present in restrooms can be cleaned with the same technologies which Innosanitation cleaning applies to other hardened surfaces to be sanitized. As in the case of the office optical surfaces, caution must be used to ensure that any abrasive or sharp particles are not wiped across mirrors as they can easily be defaced in that manner.

Other Considerations

The various other considerations in the wide range of commercial, industrial, academic, medical, retail and other types of buildings which all present their own particular cases and preferred Innosanitation cleaning applications.

There is no such thing as a janitorial services which is completely tangible. Each individual has a different perspective on what constitutes a shiny floor, a clean window, or a well vacuumed carpet. Some people will overlook slight smudging on a window or a minor amount of dust in the nap of a rug, while others cannot be satisfied unless there isn't a single spot on a window and the rugs are as clean as the day they were installed.

It is also important to keep in mind that janitorial services are variable according to the staff which is providing the service. Group A will clean a specific area in a different way than Group B. In Innosanitation cleaning procedures as well as conventional provision of janitorial service, sufficient tolerance must be allowed for the individual differences and styles of cleaning.

Continued In: Innosanitation - The Wave Of The Future, Part 18

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