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Innosanitation - The Wave Of The Future, Part 18

Updated on March 20, 2011

To address this issue, stores and other public facilities should develop an environment-friendly cleaning approach that replaces chemic cleaners with nontoxic products whenever possible. Since chemics are poisonous, flammable and hazardous, strict storage, handling and disposal guidelines must be followed. Environmentally friendly products, on the other hand, are typically nontoxic, nonflammable, biodegradable, safe to handle and easy to dispose. Nontoxic products reduce the amount of environmental pollutants that humans can absorb and lower the incidence of illness and staff absenteeism.

Safe, industrial-strength cleaning alternatives are readily available for most applications. These nontoxic solutions are typically as effective as conventional cleaners. In fact, some utilize advanced formulations to achieve superior results. These items are competitively priced so even businesses with tight budgets can promote a health-friendly environment. Nontoxic products that are available include all-purpose cleaner, floor cleaner, bathroom cleaner, degreaser, glass cleaner, floor wax, floor stripper, carpet stain remover and surface stain remover.

The Reality Of Achieving An Innosanitation Home

In this recessionary climate, families will be happy to learn that these solutions and blends can be created at home and replace hundreds or even thousands of dollars of expensive commercial cleaning chemics and solutions. The extremely low cost of a bit of vinegar, baking soda, citrus, oil, and organic soap can replace bottles of chemics which can cost over $10 each. Over and above these handy innosanitation recipes and tips, there are numerous online sources available to help you find the best at-home recipes for your needs and that offer advice on everything from everyday cleaning to how to deal with specific surfaces without resorting to commercial chemics. Or you can visit your local library or bookstore and peruse some of the handy guides available. Simply check Google or your favorite search engine to reveal a considerable number of handy resources and links so you may begin your personal investigation of these options.

Alternative cleaning methods range from those that have been around since ancient times to today's cutting-edge technology that is just beginning to make waves. People are starting to rediscover what their grandparents and their great-grandparents knew as a matter of course. There are many ways to keep a residential or commercial environment spotlessly clean, hygienic, sanitary, and attractive without needing to resort to a chemic brew which resembles Love Canal in a bottle. There is no longer a need to keep our cupboards stuffed with poisons and to keep tossing thousands of dollars and thousands of litres of hazardous chemic substances down our drains and into our extremely fragile ecosystem. There is now a very clear and vivid choice and it is Innosanitation.

We can follow the lead of our ancestors who did not have the "advantage" of chemical technology and thus were able to achieve elevated levels of sanitation with common household organic products. When the various technologies which make up the Innosanitation revolution are taken into consideration, we find that there truly is no longer any need to resort to toxic chemic substances in our indoor environments.

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