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Innosanitation - The Wave Of The Future, Part 3

Updated on March 20, 2011

Rubbermaid Microfiber cloths for the home come in a variety of colors, types and sizes, offering you flexibility in cleaning most surfaces. They are recommended for bathrooms, kitchens, floors... just about anything. And the cloths leave surfaces streak-free, making them ideal for windows and mirrors. The cloths can replace a number of household cleaners: window or glass cleaner, appliance cleaners or even stainless steel cleaners. And because they attract grease and grime without leaving behind streaks or scratches, microfiber cloths make a perfect organic option for cleaning off the car, as well as everyday household cleaning. (Just make sure to rinse the dirt out of the cloth regularly, as while the cloth itself won't leave scratches, built-up dirt can.) You can even use them for hardwood, porcelain and leather. They will save you money by drastically cutting down your paper towel usage, which saves trees too.

Caution should be exercised whenever utilizing microfiber cloths for cleaning up greasy spills such as the ones that may be found in the garage or driveway areas. Although the microfiber cloths may be well nigh miraculous, you cannot expect any cloth to soak up half a litre of 10 W 40 and then spotlessly clean off the $2,000 telephoto lens from your Nikon SLR! Be realistic and you'll find that microfiber cloths will work 100% just hunky dory fine!

When shopping for microfiber cleaning cloths, keep in mind the characteristics that make them unique and functional. Look for the number of times the fiber was split, as a higher split means more effective cleaning. For example, the cloths made by some companies contain almost three million fibers which have a capability to kill over 99 percent of the bacteria on your surfaces with only water: there is no need to buy or use chemic cleaners. Cleaning doesn't get much easier, or friendly to the environment and your wallet. Some cloths also contain a silver agent woven into the fabric, which also helps to kill bacteria. This cloth is proven to kill E. coli, Salmonella, Avian Flu, SARS and more.

You also want to find cloths that can be washed and reused numerous times, as well as a company that puts a guarantee on their products. Most companies promise hundreds of washes of their patented microfiber cloths and guarantee a streak-free finish. One company offers a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee for their patented nylon and polyester microfiber cloths. Looking for products with these features will ensure longer life and better satisfaction with the cloths.

Taking care of your cloths will also help ensure a longer life. You can wash them in your washing machine, but don't use bleach (which will degrade the microfiber) or fabric softener (which will coat the fibers and drastically reduce their ability to grab dirt). When you put them in the dryer, make sure to put them in a load of low-lint items such as sheets so that the cloths don't pick up lint from the fabrics they are being dried with.

Continued In: Innosanitation - The Wave Of The Future, Part 4

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