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Innosanitation - The Wave Of The Future, Part 4

Updated on March 20, 2011

Vapor Steam Cleaning

From industrial and nautical roots to hospitals and universities, vapor steam cleaning has been blazing a path to our homes in the innosanitation field. Using an internal boiler to heat water to a temperature between 150 and 300 degrees Fahrenheit usually within five or six minutes, vapor steam cleaners can tackle mold, allergens, dirt and grease.

Steam molecules penetrate surfaces deeper than most cleaning products, and vapor steam cleaning works equally well on most household surfaces, such as tile, Formica, fiberglass and numerous other surfaces. Other materials, such as carpets, upholstered furniture and drapes further add to the benefits of steam vapor cleaning. It is equally effective on fiber materials and due to the low-moisture levels such surfaces as carpet, mattresses and furniture are dry within minutes, leaving no time for mold to begin forming. Concentrated vapor has also been recognized as being effective in controlling household dust mites in the fibers of carpet. In 2001 the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS) published finding in its journal, "Environmental Health Perspectives," that the combination of dry-steam cleaning and vacuuming kills mites more effectively than vacuuming alone. Vapor steam cleaners can even be used to clean fish tanks.

Steam cleaning is safer, too. The super-heated vapor cools quickly when discharged from the machine, there are no harsh chemics involved, and because it uses only five or six percent water it leaves behind very little moisture. Residential models are portable and easy to maneuver, and come recommended to allergy sufferers in addition to the environmental benefits. Vapor steam cleaners often come with a variety of attachment to make it easy to clean every area of your home. Some of these home steam cleaners are recommended at the highest level of EPA-certified disinfecting.

Does a vapor steam cleaner seem like too much for your household needs? The simplicity of a floor steam mop utilizes the same process, but focuses it on the job at hand: your floors. Whether slate, marble, ceramic or even hardwood, vapor steam mops clean quickly, easily and with no harsh chemics.

Smaller steam cleaning models are lightweight, portable and ideal for countertops and spot cleaning. Consider your household needs before choosing the model that works best for you.

Keeping The Air Clean

Another way to avoid using harsh cleaning chemics in your home is to minimize the dust and dirt to begin with. Using air purifiers (such as the UV purifiers mentioned above) and washers as well as HEPA filter vacuums (HEPA stands for high efficiency air, and refers to a type of air filter) to filter the air circulating through your home and catch away particles that otherwise collect on surfaces is a great step to clean air throughout. There are a variety of brands on the market, depending on your needs. Look for a model that suits your specific purposes, whether your goal is simply cleaner air and you want something that is quiet and inexpensive to run, or if you have someone in your household who suffers from asthma or severe allergies and needs something more high-powered. There are also purifiers that are specially designed to tackle mold, gas, odors or smoke removal, as well as systems for whole-house purification.

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