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Innosanitation - The Wave Of The Future, Part 6

Updated on March 20, 2011

It is important to ensure that during the period of providing training and evaluation, the quality assurance of the janitorial tasks is not compromised. By the implementation of a flexible scheduling program, these training goals may be achieved on a coherent basis without negatively impacting on the production schedule.

The training should contain elements of both formal study, and hands-on instruction. The minimal physical requirements for a Innosanitation cleaning janitorial training course include:

  • A training location
  • A training curriculum
  • An instructor
  • A training process
  • Equipment & supplies

The Determination Of A Training Site

The training site to be chosen should be able to provide the proper environment for the transmission of the information necessary to determine the preferred tasks and behaviors. It is therefore necessary to begin the process with a complete assessment of the behaviors and skills you wish to have your janitorial staff acquire. The concepts to be examined include assessments of:

  • Janitorial performance through overall work skills, particular performance potential, and actual skill testing.
  • Behavior on the job.
  • The job environment as pertains to environmental conditions, physical and mental demands, and tolerances for the work.
  • Self-orientation to the actual work as well as vocational interest in Innosanitation cleaning procedures.

The location where the training will be held is of significant importance. An improper site will act to distort the janitorial staff's abilities and may give both trainers and trainees an unrealistic picture of what is actually required in a Innosanitation cleaning janitorial setting. The basic prerequisites for a training site area are locations which can be used:

  • as demonstration as well as classroom areas.
  • to measure quality, performance, skills, and understanding of Innosanitation cleaning tasks.
  • to simulate the actual physical working environment so that that janitorial staff's abilities may be observed in situations which are as close to normal as possible.

Determining An Innosanitation cleaning Curriculum

To be of optimal effect, an Innosanitation cleaning curriculum must have set procedures to allow instructors of any skill and experience level to train the janitorial staff without the requirement to develop additional materials. The curriculum must be structured on a step by step series of teaching sequences. The curriculum must also be based on task analysis and thus structured in logical task sequences to ensure that each subsequent step is logical and builds on the previous information learned. One of the most important aspects of determining a proper Innosanitation cleaning curriculum is that the program must allow the instructor to train for both skills and knowledge.

The initial part of the teaching process is to present to the janitorial staff the essential knowledge of job performance in a Innosanitation cleaning environment. Once that is accomplished, the instructor may move on to ensure the performance of both work pace standards and the very particular forms of job acceptable quality which are applicable in a Innosanitation cleaning janitorial environment. You will find that it is not exactly the easiest transition you've ever managed, but it will bear powerful dividends in the future.

Continued In: Innosanitation - The Wave Of The Future, Part 7

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