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Innosanitation - The Wave Of The Future, Part 8

Updated on March 20, 2011

The Training Process

Let us assume that microfiber dust mopping is the first task to be introduced to the trainee. The instructor must adhere to the curriculum presentation of the microfiber dust mopping process. At the conclusion of the process demonstration, the instructor must answer any questions from the trainees, then administer a knowledge test which may be in oral, written, or demonstration form. If the trainee achieves the minimum "passing grade" standard, then the second stage of training may commence. If the criteria level of acceptable standard is not achieved, further instruction in the microfiber dust mopping process must be administered until such time as the trainee is able to reach the "passing grade." It is advisable that the grading standard only be pass or fail as setting incremental grades will not accomplish much in this setting.

The necessity to achieve a knowledge test before proceeding to the performance stage is based on the assumption that it is not possible to display proper performance in any Innosanitation cleaning task until the correct procedures are learned. Once the basic information has been transmitted and absorbed, the performance stage of the training may proceed.

In this example the trainee has passed the knowledge test on the microfiber dust mopping task, so the cleaning task to be assigned will now be a "real world" microfiber dust mopping of an area under the instructor's supervision. The instructor has a number of responsibilities which must be implemented throughout the performance stage of Innosanitation cleaning instruction:

  • Ensure the trainee understands the proper assignment
  • Ensure the trainee understands the location of all the equipment necessary to complete the task
  • Once these assurances have been achieved, begin timing the trainee's completion of the task
  • Observe the performance of the microfiber dust mopping task to ensure that correct procedures are applied
  • Confirm and record the trainee's task for quality assurance
  • Discuss the task quality and procedures with the trainee
  • Confirm with the trainee that they comprehend the quality issues and have the skills to improve upon them
  • Confirm and record the correction time and add to the original timing
  • Reconfirm the quality of the task
  • Continue until the task is completed to the acknowledged and pre-set standards of Innosanitation cleaning quality

From the information the instructor has gathered from the microfiber dust mopping assignment, the "average times" must be calculated for each of the Innosanitation cleaning tasks the trainee will be asked to perform. These "average times" are set either by a comparison of the square footage, traffic patterns, surface qualities, and accessibility factors of the actual area to be cleaned, or by carrying out timed studies of the locations.

There are a wide variety of standardized work vs. time janitorial formulas generally available, and they should all be essentially transferrable to Innosanitation cleaning tasks. Microfiber dust mopping may be even more efficient than the conventional process, but the time required to properly dust mop a 1,000 square foot area should be effectively identical whether microfibers are utilized or not.

Continued In: Innosanitation - The Wave Of The Future, Part 9

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