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Insulate Your Folding Attic Stairs to Save on Utility Bills and Help The Environment!

Updated on September 23, 2009

Don't Let Your Money Sail Out of Your Attic!

These days, everyone is trying to save a little extra money where they can.  The cost of electricity and gas is only going up and one of the easiest ways to dramatically reduce your monthly expenses is to weatherproof your home to make it as efficient as possible.  Your attic is a big culprit of lost power.  Attics are generally not sealed as tight as the rest of your home because they are usually unfinished, and so lots of dollars and cents simply evaporate as your heat and air conditioning seep upwards and out of your home.  Energy star’s figures say that air leakage accounts for between 25 and 40 percent of the average home’s heating and cooling costs.

An Easy Solution!

Aside from insulating and finishing your entire attic, one great way to stop this seepage is with an attic stair cover.  This is an item that is installed on top of your folding pull down attic stairs to stop air from entering when the stairs are closed.  It is basically an insulated box, slightly larger than the hole for the stairs that is easily moved to allow access to the attic, and pulled down when the stairs are not in use so that the attic is sealed.  These are usually extremely easy to install, usually requiring only placement, or maybe a peel and stick magnetic seal.

Is Your Current Attic Cover Safe for Your Entire Family?

Many homes already have custom built covers, which work very well, but since they are generally made from wood they are also very heavy.  While this makes them very efficient, in many cases some homeowners find them awkward and hard to lift.  This is very dangerous when you factor in that you are already standing on folding attic stairs which are not always very sturdy.   A number of the aftermarket solutions that are available are made from lightweight plastic and thick insulation which not only makes them safe and easy to lift, but also inexpensive and easy to buy online and ship.

Features to look for are:

-Thick insulation with high “R” values.

-Magnetic seals (like the ones on your refrigerator door.)

-Lightweight materials

-Easy installation process

Start Saving Money Today!

Some of the brands available include “Battic” and “Thermalid,” and can be found on Amazon or elsewhere at competitive prices usually in the $80-120.00 range.  At this price, they are a bargain when you compare them to the savings you will achieve in your power bills. I hope this information helps you to increase your efficiency and lower your expenses in the near future.  Don’t forget, being green saves you money, and also saves the planet.


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