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Install Slipper Baths in your Bathroom for a Victorian Vintage Appeal

Updated on April 26, 2013

Slipper Bath

The bathroom slipper baths are essentially those baths that have one of the sides rising above the level of the other one. The slipper bath is also some times designed to be rising on both the sides while low in the middle. The shape of these baths kind of resembles the slipper; hence the name slipper baths. They are originally the traditional bath designs that were introduced with the in house plumbing in Victorian era.

Ball and Claw Feet Design for traditional Slipper Bath

The classic traditional slipper bath is the enamelled cast iron ones with clawed feet. The modern adaptations include the ceramic as well as copper bath tubs apart from the Cast Iron Slipper Bath. They come in various colours and a plethora of variation. They were basically long baths with place for one person but the modern day variations offer bigger baths with ample space for two people and they are no longer the customary elongated shape.

The claw feet in chrome and gold finishes look the most extravagant and lavish. They provide a very rich and royal look to the bath thus furnishing the bathroom with a great opulent interior.

The Slipper Baths Are Available in Various Styles Colours and Designs

The modern day slipper baths are available in colours like Persian blue, emerald green, deep purple, lavender, magenta, the royal brown and even colours like yellow and baths with a polished metallic finish. The black slipper baths are also very much in vogue. These baths can also be customised to get the desired designs on them for a lavish appeal and for exclusivity. The claw feet designs are also the very traditional designs that were used during the Victorian period.

Slipper Bath cum Shower Bath

With growing space crunch it is becoming very difficult to accommodate a separate bath and a shower in the bathroom. People who want a very traditional look in the small bathrooms are converting the slipper baths into shower baths. An equally rich looking shower curtain can add on to the traditional charm of the bath. A nice looking shower bath with elaborate shower mixers and curtains can be the centre of attraction in the bathroom. Use your vintage looking slipper baths wisely to create some smashing interiors and enjoy your recluse in the bathroom. For More information visit -


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    • carriethomson profile image

      carriethomson 6 years ago from United Kingdom

      hi thanks ubani! an interior designer by profession so i write what i know the best!! poetry tho is not my forte and you are definately best at what you do too:)) thanks for the complements and the encouragement!!


    • ubanichijioke profile image

      Alexander Thandi Ubani 6 years ago from Lagos

      Wow! You write with such expertise and brilliance. You must be schooled in this area i suppose. So magnificent. The pictures, always a delight. Thanks


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