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Installing New Kitchen Cabinets

Updated on April 29, 2011

Installing new cabinets can be a great way to give a kitchen a facelift by providing it with a fresh, new look. Old or outdated cabinets often fail to provide the space that homeowners need or the style that they prefer. Bringing new cabinets into the kitchen can bring an entirely new appearance to the kitchen without the hassle of complete renovation. With the wide range of available options, homeowners have plenty to choose from to ensure that they buy the perfect set of new cabinets for their kitchen.

Making Effective Changes

The key to any successful remodeling project is in making the most of the changes. Remodeling a kitchen does not necessarily mean gutting it and starting fresh. Changing only one thing, such as the cabinets, can spruce up the kitchen immediately, while also having the practical value of providing the homeowner with more space. With the option of purchasing kitchen cabinets in sets, homeowners can also turn a potentially frustrating project into a fairly basic one and thus give their kitchen a whole new feel in no time.

Choosing the Right Look

Start by deciding what kind of cabinets you want. Think about the style of the kitchen and the best look for the cabinets. Unless you want to turn your basic remodeling project into something much larger, aim to make the cabinets fit the d├ęcor by just updating everything a little. Fortunately, there are an increasing number of styles and shades available for homeowners to review, so you are sure to find exactly what you are looking for. Do you have a country kitchen that just needs a little updating? There is sure to be a cabinet set that feels modern while still fitting into the style of the room. Do you have a 1950s bungalow but need a set of cabinets that is not as old as the house? You will have no trouble finding something that fits your modern needs without compromising the feel of the house.

Deciding Where to Buy

Local hardware stores tend to carry a selection of cabinet options for homeowners to browse. The larger hardware stores usually feature examples of their cabinet ranges set up to appear like they are in a real kitchen. This allows homeowners to compare the style to other features, such as the countertop, the sink, and the appliances, in order to see how the cabinets actually look in a kitchen. Be sure to ask about installation specials as well. Another place to look is online. Homeowners should expect to calculate shipping costs into the budget with an online purchase, but some online retailers offer a wider selection with more sizing options.

Considering the Purpose

Before making a decision, consider the purpose of the cabinets. For instance, what will they hold? In a kitchen without a pantry, the cabinets will need to hold dishes and other kitchen items, as well as food. Consider also what the cabinets will hold and whether or not you want any extra features. Some lower cabinets come with drawers that pull out to allow easier access to the content. Others have glass doors for homeowners to display certain items. Think about what will go in the cabinets before making a final selection.

Calculating the Size

Two other factors must also be taken into account: the size of the kitchen and the size of the cabinets that can fit in the kitchen. Finding the cabinet set of your dreams does little good if the cabinets do not fit properly. Consider the scale as well as the height. A higher ceiling usually needs a taller cabinet, while too tall of a cabinet with a lower ceiling can overwhelm the room. Be sure to measure around the appliances as well to see if anything needs to be resized; a beautiful set of cabinets will only create a headache if the refrigerator or dishwasher does not fit back into the available space.

Adding new kitchen cabinets can be an exciting way to bring new life into a kitchen. With the variety of cabinet sets available and the ease of modern installation, remodeling a kitchen with new cabinets is easier than ever. Just be sure to take the time to review the options, evaluate the intended contents, and size everything correctly to ensure that you purchase the best cabinets for the kitchen.


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