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Instructions on how to clean upholstered sofa

Updated on March 29, 2016

Fabric sofas increasingly popular because of the richness of color and comfort when used. But people hardly know how to clean the sofa with fabric. Here are a few tips to clean fabric sofa.

1.Regular cleaning

First of all, should be cleaned regularly. At least once a week to clean the dust on the chair. You can use a dry cloth to wipe, but do not use a vacuum cleaner or vacuum cleaner brush. Strong attraction from this instrument can do disproportion fabric, simultaneously, breaking the seam. You can use a small vacuum to clean up dust.

2.Should use the laundry service Sofa

Second, a year you should use room service sofa laundry shops once. Ask them to come home and clean sanitation sofa, carefully. The laundry service with special cleaning agents that can help you regain a seat like new. Some silicone spray is effective against dust, can be sprayed once a month.


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