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Insulated Picnic Backpack and Accessories

Updated on July 23, 2009

Picnic backpacks are great for a family outing, offer exceptional value, and seen in a 2 or 4 person edition. A favored product for transporting travel-friendly food is a lightweight, insulated picnic backpack to keep all sandwiches and beverages cool whilst on the move. All equipped with individual pockets, often zipped for storing extra camping or outdoor accessories, such as a picnic blanket.

Shopping for a backpack picnic set isn't that difficult with an abundance of choices. A backpack for one or two, with insulated cooler section, able to keep food cool or hot for hours, measuring 15" x 12" x 7" can cost $25, while a lightweight backpack for 4, with detachable wine duffel, and space for amenities for four can cost in the region of $55 - $75.

Types of Picnic Backpacks

Picnic Time, Picnic & Beyond, and Picnic at Ascot all manufacture a series of high-quality adventurer picnic backpack sets with a several spacious compartments for food, drink, and accessories.

A picnic backpack for 4 offers sufficient space to accommodate a serving for up to four people, with foil lined compartments for safe food storage, a wine holder, and still leaving space for a waterproof blanket. These backpacks often consist of all accessories needed for a great outing, such as knives, forks, and spoons set - four each, four plates, four wine glasses, as well as napkins, a corkscrew, salt & pepper shaker, and spare bag.

And a picnic backpack for 2 offers a similar set-up, but just smaller in size.

A dedicated wine picnic backpack has space to safely hold two or three bottles of wine, as well as glasses in a removable sleeve or insert. Outfitted with dividers between the bottles to keep them secure at all times. These are versatile bags that can easily be converted to carry all other items seen on a typical picnic outing.

Picnic Accessories

Once it comes to finding the ideal picnic spot in helps to have something to rest on, and that's where a waterproof picnic blanket comes into play. A large-sized blanket with a smooth polyester material on one side, and a comfortable, soft side for sitting on. Ideal in outdoor situations, such as camping, picnicking, or even on a fishing trip. Picnic accessories can also feature a foldable canvas chair, or a portable picnic table or a spare snack set for extra cutlery.

An insulated picnic backpack, basket, or tote all offer a means of keeping food protected from heat, and away from insects. All available in a multitude of designs, styles, and capabilities to suit most needs and occasions.


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