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Insurance company; the ugly side

Updated on September 17, 2017

You think you're protected; but are you really?


So about a few weeks ago (June 4th, 2017) a car hit my house at around 10-10:30 PM. I was asleep, I deal with chronic pain due to injuries I received in the military and I also deal with ptsd. I get mentally and physically exhausted so when I go to bed, I do sleep sound early on for the first hour or two.

Anyway, I was asleep and i did not hear the impact as the car hit the house farthest from my bedroom on the small addition and once the car hit, they drove off. I can only assume they were probably intoxicated, or on their phone or maybe driving recklessly and got scared and ran.

The next morning my son and I walked around the house and he noticed the damage. The car did not go through the house, it damaged the metal siding, the stud wall and pushed the drywall away from the studs inside.

I called the police and they came and made a report and then I called my insurance broker who got in touch with (******) (I won't mention their name at this time, but that can change ), my insurance company who then called their local adjuster.

Once the insurance adjuster contacted me I thought everything would be ok--But was I wrong? Yup, without a doubt.

My house is an old two story house built in 1923. The siding is old aluminum siding at least 30 or more years old. So, as you can expect, this siding does not exist anymore and one can not match it. They told me already that they won't be able to match the siding.

(******) told me through the adjuster that they are only responsible to repair the damaged area and they will try to match it as close as possible. But we all know they will not be able to come close.

I wonder, if a car received body damage, would they replace the affected area and not worry about matching the paint exactly? OR, what if they caught the driver who damaged my house, and what if my insurance went after theirs? Would they only do the bare minimum or would they have the drivers insurance redo my entire house properly? I wonder, are they only doing the bare minimum because they have to pay out?

You see. After having been treated this unethically I will not keep (*******) insurance. I will be changing and I will be letting all my military and civilian friends know how badly I feel I was treated and I will be telling everyone else I come into contact with as well.

This is unfair treatment and unethical treatment by a company that is supposed to protect you and your property, however they did not and they refuse to. I have gone back and forth via email and telephone with their adjuster, and they outright refuse to do the right thing.

The damage to my house was not my fault, it is also not my fault that they can not match the siding exactly. I pay and have been paying my insurance faithfully every month without fail, I feel that they are victimizing the victim.

It has been made very clear to me that this and maybe all insurance company's are only out to make as much money as possible without any care or concern for the victims. The insurance customer is the bank from whom they withdraw as much money as possible.

I guess I have been disillusioned for a long time, but no more. My eyes are opened to the unethical practices of insurance company's.

**So yesterday July,12th I heard another story where someone had their insurance replace the entire area because the insurance company could not match to the original. The person had water damage to their basement floor, they couldn't find the same color of flooring so the insurance paid to redo the entire basement flooring. Like the many other stories I've heard about siding, roofs etc. Seems like my insurance is very unethical.

Have you had a bad experience with an insurance company

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    • vocalcoach profile image

      Audrey Hunt 7 months ago from Nashville Tn.

      So sorry to hear this Thomas. I hope everything works out for you. I've always had fair experiences with my insurance companies.