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Interesting Coffee Mugs

Updated on April 26, 2013
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Camera Lens MugDonut MugBiscuit Holder Mug
Camera Lens Mug
Camera Lens Mug
Donut Mug
Donut Mug
Biscuit Holder Mug
Biscuit Holder Mug

One of the things that I appreciate along with a lovely cup of coffee is an interesting coffee mug to drink it from. At home, my family anticipates to see which of my many interesting coffee cups I choose to drink from every day.

The use of a different or interesting coffee mug makes drinking tea or coffee a much better and more enjoyable experience.

Another excellent thing about having an interesting coffee cup is that you can impress your colleagues at work with a great selection. Most people are impressed to see some of my different coffee mugs that I take to work with me.

Companies are spending a lot of time and money into developing new and improved ideas for a coffee mugs. As time goes on we continue to see some creative and interesting new design ideas many of which make us look in amazement or have a laugh. The chances are that anything you have thought about has been made into a new coffee cup idea.

My love for a variation of coffee mugs has inspired me to share this video of my coffee mug collection as well as some very interesting ones that I have found on the internet.

Feel free to watch this video and see the selection of photos. You may comment below on the interesting ones you like or dislike.


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    • lcbenefield profile image

      lcbenefield 4 years ago from Georgia

      Thanks for sharing your love of coffee mugs and some of your collection. What a nice way to start your morning, drinking from a toilet bowl or such, and smiling at the quirkiness.