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Interesting Facts About The Faux Sheepskin Rug

Updated on November 9, 2011

A faux sheepskin rug has all the attributes that real sheepskin has, such as softness, warmth and comfort, but it is much more affordable. The fur-like texture of the faux looks similar to the real thing, and many have a non-skid backing that resembles suede.

IKEA Sheepskin versus Faux Sheepskin

The Ikea sheepskin rug is quite affordable in comparison to other stores. People often think that the rug from Ikea is not real, due to the low price that IKEA charges, but one look at the label will tell you that it is genuine. There seems to be some controversy over owning a real rug versus a faux; however, animal activists will opt for the latter always. There are those who shudder at the thought of an animal ending up as a rug, but frankly, there are many ranchers that raise sheep strictly for their wool and skin, whilst others raise them for their meat.

Not only do homeowners use the rugs on floors, but other ideas they come up with are using them in their pets beds, carrying cages, over computer chairs and even as a throw over couches or ottomans. Faux fur is a natural fire retardant and is stain and soil resistant. No harsh chemicals are used in treating them. They are hypoallergenic and washable as well. The ‘fake fur’ rugs tend to be much more subtle and comfortable than their counterpart and are amazingly soft and resilient. For this reason, many opt to purchase the faux rug if they are planning to use it in a nursery, or if plans are made to cut it for a covering around pillows, or as a throw on a bed. Creative types have even used these rugs as a wall hanging.

Care of Sheepskin and Faux Fur

Sheepskin is soft and can be dyed to many popular colors, so that it will blend in and complement many a décor. Some consider the sheepskin tough to clean, but it can be machine washed in warm water using a mild liquid soap, but others prefer to hand wash them and hang them to dry or lay them flat. Once washed, it will need to be stretched back into shape while it is still damp; then brushed gently with either a comb or a wire brush.

The faux rug is cared for in the same manner, although many manufacturers recommend dry cleaning. They can be gently and carefully vacuumed with a hand tool, as dust mites like to make their home in the rugs. These rugs have a non-slip backing, which is important for those who are laying it upon a bare floor, rather than as an accent upon a wall-to-wall carpeted area. With proper care, the rugs last for an impressive long time.

When it comes to purchasing a sheepskin, many look to the faux sheepskin rug for durability, as well as soft comfort. It should be duly noted that these rugs can shed for a time until the materials settle, but once they do, the shedding ends. These rugs are a fine accent and are still a popular product.


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    • Phil Plasma profile image

      Phil Plasma 6 years ago from Montreal, Quebec

      Good comparison between the two. I would avoid a dry-cleaning product at all costs as the chemicals used for that are intolerable.