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Painting Ceilings - Walls Which Paint Should I Use

Updated on September 15, 2017

Know why how and which kind of paint to choose to decorate your ceilings & walls

By Dale Ovenstone January 2012

Maybe you would like to re-decorate, freshen up your ceilings & walls & are looking for ideas to brighten up the rooms inside your home.

Maybe, you are stuck for ideas on which kind of paint you need to use to create the desired look you would like to achieve.

Maybe, you are not quite sure on what type of paint you can use on your interior ceilings & walls but don’t worry; you have quite a few choices as there are many options available for the home diy enthusiast to upgrade their own homes without involving the expense of calling in the professionals to do the job for you.

Basically, there are two kinds of finish once your ceilings & walls are completed.

& for walls & ceilings, this kind of paint finish is ‘water based’ meaning, you can wash out your equipment (roller, sponges, paint brushes etc) with water, also, meaning you can thin out this kind of paint using water. So the paint you are looking to use for your ceilings & walls is water based!

This type of paint for all your interior ceiling & wall finishing is normally called ‘emulsion’ & emulsion, is used primarily for the interior of your home. Not for the outside of your house!

Before you start your ceiling & wall decorating task inside your home, take into consideration:

1: Do you require a shiny, sheen, washable surface?

If this is the case, a ‘Vinyl Silk emulsion’ is required to achieve this kind of look; this type of paint seems to reflect light partially, giving a sheen effect!

2: Do you require a matt, dull, lifeless surface?

& if this is the case, you will require a ‘Matt emulsion’ finish!

Others aspects, both positive & negative, to take into consideration before you go out & buy your paint is:

If you should require a shiny look (vinyl silk finish) any discrepancies on your ceilings or walls will be enhanced. Ie; any blemishes or uneven sections of surface, like badly filled areas, or maybe, a badly textured surface, with be enhanced, the bad bits would be anyway & they would show up even further. And another aspect to consider is this; you will endow your surface, with a look of ‘coldness! Within the room’

On the other hand, one benefit of using a shiny paint finish, especially on your walls is, the surface becomes slightly washable, meaning, as long as you don’t use too much water for prolonged times, & you don’t scrub the surface too hard with your semi damp cloth, you may therefore diminish any grubby finger marks that may accrue over a period of time! & another benefit is, your surface becomes (only slightly & only to a certain extent) impregnable to steam, & water, making a preferred finish choice for kitchens & bathrooms!

For a matt finish, your room, once completed & dried out, will create a smoother softer warmer appeal to the entire interior of this particular room. But on the negative side, if you should use matt to finish your walls, you will not be able to use any kind of damp cloth, for scrubbing away dirty finger marks without damaging the paint finish.

This is all I have to tell you about using certain paints for the interior of your ceilings & walls & I hope you found the information helpful & if so, I would really love for you to leave me your own comment if you so would, & would appreciate you leaving me your vote from the sections below this article.

Thank you for your time

Happy decorating

Regards Dale Ovenstone

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    • Inspired to write profile image

      Dale J Ovenstone 5 years ago from Wales UK

      Thank you for your comment Jakob Barry

      Regards Dale

    • Jakob Barry profile image

      Jakob Barry 5 years ago

      Good tips, Dale. I think you gave a nice presentation of the difference between matt and vinyl.