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Interior Decorating: Creating the Illusion of More Space in Small Spaces

Updated on July 15, 2017

Small spaces usually have a cramped, claustrophobic vibe. They can make a person feel depressed, and get togethers are always cut short when guests find an excuse to leave because they feel cramped.

Most people think they are stuck with this because they live in a small space, but there are a few interior decorating tricks that can help create the illusion of more space. These are the perfect solution for anyone that doesn’t want to, or can’t, add more room onto their home with an addition.


Mirrors are a great idea for interior decorating in small spaces. Putting a few circular mirrors along the wall will make a room look more stylish. Large, antique mirrors can make a home with traditional décor appear larger and more fashionable.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to decorating with mirrors. There is something for everyone, regardless of how much space they have or what the budget is.

Here are some great ideas to get started:

  • Mirror stickers (they sell these in every shape imaginable, from hearts to stars to circles)
  • Large full length mirrors turned sideways on top of a mantle
  • Large antique mirrors used as wall art
  • Small framed mirrors
  • Put several little mirrors together to form one large shape

These are just a few great ideas to add more mirrors to a house to create more space.


Glass is another thing that will instantly make a home feel more open. The conversation will never stop flowing at the next get together when homeowners get rid of things that make their home look cluttered and opt for glass accents.

A thick wooden coffee table can be replaced with a glass table. Glass end tables are the perfect accent piece, and hanging glass bookshelves on the walls will have a modern yet chic look.

If that sounds like a bit too much glass, take things down a notch and add in a little bit here and there.

Think of those adorable figurines that are at every thrift store in town or a couple elegant candle holders. A large statement piece is the perfect thing when it comes to interior decorating.

Light colors

Light colors are the key to making sure that small spaces are not too cramped. When there is limited room, dark colored interior walls and furniture will make the area feel more claustrophobic and smothering.

Walls should be a lighter color with one exception. If there is plenty of natural light in the room, it won’t make the room feel depressing.

Furniture can be a darker color, but homeowners are advised to toss in a lighter colored decorative pillow here and there throughout the interior for the perfect look. Even wall art should be taken into consideration. The lighter colors throughout the interior, the better, but it is okay to add in a dark colored canvas painting here and there.

Don’t leave the ceiling white

Most people don’t like to paint the ceiling, which is understandable. Who wants to spend hours with their arms above their heads painting a ceiling?

It’s no one’s idea of fun, but it does have its benefits. When people live in small spaces, they should always put in the extra effort to paint or wallpaper the ceiling in shorter rooms. This can create the illusion of more space because it will make the rooms look like they are taller than they are.

Don’t line the walls with furniture

Most people put their furniture up against the wall like it is second nature. While this can give a room more floor space in the middle, it can also make a room look more cluttered.

Instead, use minimalist styled interior furniture and put it in the middle of the room. This will create the illusion of more space in small rooms, and it will help draw a person’s gaze to the center of the room so they don’t feel cramped as soon as they walk through the door.


We all have totes full of keepsake things, like that adorable handmade card from our son when they were in kindergarten. We all like pretty trinkets, and we like to have pictures of our loved ones, but there is a limit.

The more things there are in a room, the more cramped and cluttered the interior will be. The more clutter there is, the smaller a room will both look and feel.

Instead, keep trinkets and keepsakes to a minimum. Also, maximize space saving ideas to get rid of clutter. This single tip can make the interior instantly appear more spacious.

Don’t be afraid to go outside of the box

Throw tradition to the wind and do your own thing. It’s your house, and no one is going to randomly stop by just to tell you that every living room should have a couch and a love seat combination or that the furniture should never block the window.

Instead, do whatever makes the house into a home. If there are rarely a lot of people, say forget the sectional and pick up a few pretty arm chairs for the living room. Move furniture around to make sure that everything fits instead of sticking with traditional decorating ideas.

The possibilities are endless when you take the time to truly forget about traditional decorating rules and do your own thing.

Living in small spaces will make it a necessity to learn how to create the illusion of more space. Even if you live in a large house, the walls might feel like they are starting to close in after so long. It could be because a dark red dining room sounded cozy or because those pretty knick knacks have suddenly taken over.

No matter what the reason is, these awesome tips will guarantee that a person feels like they can finally breathe again, and their guests will feel welcome and full of energy instead of depressed and ready to go home.


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