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7 Quick Fix Interior Decorating Ideas

Updated on June 15, 2015
Soften the edges with silk plants like this travelers palm and orchid on the right.
Soften the edges with silk plants like this travelers palm and orchid on the right. | Source

Saving money is #1

If you love to decorate and feel that having a beautiful home is important, you don’t need to despair if you’re short of cash. It can be depressing if your friends and neighbors seem to have money to burn when it comes to redecoration, but it is possible to have the home you want without having to buy hand-painted wallpaper or find a Berkline dealer. Here are some simple tips and ideas which you can use to spruce up your home without breaking the bank.

Use what you have

It sounds obvious, but think about what you already have in your home, and consider whether you could create a different look simply be rearranging a little. Moving your living-room furniture, for example, can sometimes really change how your room looks and feels. Or perhaps you have some lovely pictures on the wall in a little-used room that could be moved somewhere more heavily trafficked, to better take advantage of them? Or how about going through the boxes in your attic or garage and seeing what you have there you could make use of?

Make use of fabrics

You can do a lot with some cheap lengths of fabric from a local fabric store. If you would like to replace your living-room suite but cannot afford to, you can easily make some new covers using fabric you have bought yourself, using patterns you can find online (ready-made covers are available, but they are usually fairly expensive themselves). You can also make your own bedspreads, curtains and table cloths.

Paint a wall

If you don’t have the time or money to decorate everything, how about creating a feature wall? This only really works if the other walls are neutral, but it gives you the opportunity to really be imaginative and use bold colors or patterns. You could even try creating your own patterns with paint effects, or if you are artistic, paint freehand. If you don’t want to use a whole wall, a chimney breast works really well, and acts as a focal point for the room.

A dracaena plant in the corner can soften the look of an entire room. Artificial or real, it's just to add a touch of greenery.
A dracaena plant in the corner can soften the look of an entire room. Artificial or real, it's just to add a touch of greenery.


You don’t need to replace the big pieces in your home to create a different look. Adding little touches can often really transform a room. Add flowers, picture frames, cushions, throws: anything to just change the look a little. If you decide on a theme for each room, then you can use these accessories to create a coherent look. Use what is already there and see what will fit. You can have great fun searching the internet and second-hand stores for these little bits and pieces, and if you have kids, get them involved: they’ll love it!

Freshen up the floor

You might find your current flooring tired and boring, but it is one of the most expensive things to change in a home. However, you don’t have to be stuck with what you have just for the lack of dollars. Rugs are much cheaper than fitted carpets, so use one to cover carpet you don’t like. Even if you can’t cover the whole room, a rug in the center can really alter the look. Another option is to see what lies under the carpet: if you have floorboards in good condition, how about taking the carpet up? You may need to sand and varnish or paint the boards to get them looking right, which can be time-consuming but it isn’t expensive.

Add some green

Plants can really help freshen up your home even if they're silk plants. They add interest and feel somehow comforting. They can also change over time if they are flowering plants, adding extra interest at certain times of year. Some plants can also be both useful and decorative: try growing your own chili plants, for example.


Sometimes, your home might look a little tired just because it is cramped and untidy. Finding ways to store your stuff better can often improve the look and feel instantly. Look at what storage you already have and see if you can use it better. Clear out cupboards and rearrange them so that you have places for all the things you’ve been allowing to pile up on the floor or in the hallway. Put up some new shelves and use them to display things well, rather than cluttering photographs and ornaments on a single shelf or mantel piece.

As simple as adding a couple artificial ficus trees and a touch of color to your fireplace is easy and inexpensive.
As simple as adding a couple artificial ficus trees and a touch of color to your fireplace is easy and inexpensive.


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    • profile image


      7 years ago

      You have some great ideas here. Nice hub. Thanks for sharing. Take Care :)



    • SanneL profile image


      7 years ago from Sweden

      These are simple ideas which are both inexpensive and excellent.

      Bookmarked, voted up and useful.

      Thank you!:)


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