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Interior Decorating With Brown Color Schemes

Updated on August 1, 2010

Are you considering brown curtains for your bedroom, living room or den? Curtain colors are often determined by the predominant or prevailing color in the room and the accent colors, plus your own personal preferences and moods. Colors affect our emotions. They also have traditional and cultural meanings. Interior decorators use these associations to create feeling spaces in homes and offices.

Earth colors evoke a sense of stability and security. In marketing, light brown now means a recycled, sustainable or natural product. Brown is also considered a soothing color and less forbidding than black. Think about this when deciding on the colors and moods you are choosing for your home.

Brown curtains made of natural materials look great in a bedroom decorated in earth colors. For some added interest you could make your bedroom or living room look like a tree house. Get some sheer, light green and brown curtains with leaf designs. Use green tiebacks with flowers to look like vines. Add rugs and quilts with leaf colors and patterns. Use many shades from pale sand to deep chocolate. If you know how to crochet, make a big afghan in forest colors. Comforters as well as sofa and chair cushion covers can have leaf and flower patterns. Furniture can be rattan or wood, either unfinished or painted with designs from nature. Change the curtains, cushion covers and rugs with the seasons. Add a sound system with some hidden speakers and play environmental sound recordings and New Age relaxation tapes. Indoor fountains, lamps shaped like flowers and lots of hanging plants and small trees in tubs can complete the illusion. If you're a day sleeper you can easily incorporate the use of darker curtains to block the light.

Brown can also be a color of sober reflective moods. You can create an atmosphere of relaxed concentration with deep but inviting colors and indirect lighting. Everything you need should be fairly easy to obtain for this look. Try antique, even Victorian style furniture with classic varnish and brass fittings. You might even go for a full steam punk look with a globe, fountain pens and fine stationery. Bookcases should be open -- no glass doors -- and small enough that you can reach the uppermost shelf without difficulty. If you can afford it, install at least one stained glass window as a period accent. Keep television out of this room and keep internet use to a minimum to help keep the reclusive mood. Brown damask curtains complete the sense of enclosure in a private retreat.

Warm earth colors are also great in the kitchen, especially for creating a warm cozy atmosphere in winter. Use them as accents if you have dark wood cabinets or a predominantly green, pink or yellow color scheme. Use shades of cream or sand in summer and dark coffee or chocolate in winter. The kitchen curtains you choose should be easy to take down and wash.


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