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Interior Design: Using Art Glass To Add Class

Updated on April 18, 2013

Amazing Art Glass


Dazzle with Glass

Glass Art is making something of a resurgence and it is both a dazzlingly delightful addition to any room plus a great long term investment.

A glass crystal vase or ornament can really make a room. Not only captivating the eye but drawing every last drop of light and reflecting it around the room. Even the warm glowing embers of a fire can be refracted around the room by a well crafted crystal ornament.

When sat on a bright sunny window sill the glass ornament comes into its own,sending out a billion beautiful rays of light to dance around the room. It is a constant source of amazement to see just how much extra light a petite little objet D'art can draw in.

The art glass market can be a very good long term investment and it means you get to enjoy a beautiful glass object for many years and then sell it at a profit. Of course, it i important to invest in a good piece like a stunner by David Pachen or highly sought after art glass bowls by Adam Jablonski

Some people buy factory produced glass so that they can buy two pieces of exactly the same size and colour, but this is such a shame as factory produced pieces are often moulded and have little artistic input.Far better to get two similar yet unique items that have their own individual character.

A true piece of art glass is hand blown and personally signed by the artist. they have hewn the piece from molten glass and have coloured it with vibrant hues derived from bold metal oxides. It has been tweaked and turned and re-worked until a fabulous piece of art sits cooling on the workbench.

Once cooled and polished and brought to the gallery for sale you could come and find one (or two) that suit your interior decor and be the proud new owner of a true work of art.


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