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Interior Design with Children in Mind

Updated on June 8, 2015

The Art of Climbing on Everything!

Copyright  © 2015. Weir Studio Interior Design, LLC.
Copyright © 2015. Weir Studio Interior Design, LLC. | Source

The Organization of Design for Toddlers and Young Children

There are really no boundaries when a young child is first learning to walk, climb, and run. When it comes to being indoors, its the parent's job to ensure the safety of their children. Steps, table corners, chairs, tipsy furniture, items at the child's height, outlets, cabinets, windows, doors, all pose for the reinvention of safe collaboration of the child's environment.

In order to support safety and design, there are fixes to these temporary problems. There are door locks and cabinet locks to keep cleaning supplies out of reach. Shelving for the cherished and breakable items, or curio cabinets as well. The coffee tables with squared edges, well remove it or use table corner softeners. Through my experience with my own children, everything and anything can be a "caution" until they learn its purpose or find a purpose of its own for it.

Creating a space that defines the child's personality, what they like most, functionality, safety, aesthetic and comfort are really important. I find that placing the bed on an interior wall, one without windows and one that isn't an outside wall, reduces sleep loss. Feng shui design is really cool and scientifically makes sense. Applicable color theory that relates to children responses to color can also significantly impact mood and behavior.

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