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Why You Should Interview Your Realtor Before You List Your Home

Updated on April 22, 2017
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Brigitte Thompson has been a realtor in Austin, TX, since 2007. She enjoys cooking and writing blogs about Texas.

Interview and know your Realtor

Interview your Realtor

It’s Okay to do so, after all this is your home and your money.
As with any interview prepare a list of questions.

What will your Agency do for me?
How and where will you advertise my property?
What is expected of me the homeowner?

I suggest you interview at least two to three Realtors from different agencies.
Find out who will live up to your expectations.

I have outlined a few suggestions.

You will want a Realtor that has a consistent display of customer service

  • Returns phone calls, email & text in a timely manner
  • Will bring you qualified buyers
  • Goes above and beyond what clients expect
  • Represents you and your best interests
  • Makes you feel at ease and assured
  • Works closely with Title (Escrow) company's
  • Is a Full-Time Realtor (not a part time)

You will want a Realtor to advertise your property effectively

1. In the interview ask the realtor how they will market your home

  • Do they have examples of previous listings
  • Do they use a proffessional photographer with maximum photos posted
  • How do they use the MLS and various real estate serach websites
  • Will they present your home on a video tour
  • Do they hold open houses

2. Have the realtor present you with a (CMA) Competitive Market Analysis.
This information is used to show what similar properties sold for in the last 6 to 8 months.

3. Once a price is set, have the realtor provide you with an estimated net proceeds. This net worksheet will provide you with information that allows you to know what you will gain after all commissions, fees, mortgage balances have been paid.

Ask the Realtor what will be expected of you as the seller

1. You will need to provide the realtor with copies of your last mortgage statement
2. Copy of a survey if available
3. Copy of any deed restrictions (if any)
4. Copy of tax statements
5. If available, provide the realtor with copies of appraisals, home inspections, pest
inspection reports and or treatments, and any warranty paperwork for work done to home.
6. You may need to do a little sprucing up, such as moving extra furniture to storage, cleaning
windows, touch-up painting on door jams and base boards, and lawn care. Remember curb
appeal, and an open uncluttered floor plan will help sell the home.

You want your Realtor to be honest upfront and not afraid to tell the truth, after all we both have the same goal in mind and that is to SELL YOUR Home.

After you have completed your interviews go with the Agent that you feel will best represent you, and your needs.

What Does A Real Estate Broker Do For Me?

What is a Real Estate Broker

Broker: A Broker represents the buyer or seller when purchasing real estate. A Real Estate Agent or Realtor must hold their license with a Broker.

When representing a Buyer—The Broker becomes the buyer’s agent, with a written buyer representation agreement and will assist you with locating the property that will match your needs as well as lender requirements. This means finding a home in the location, size and price range that meets the buyer’s goals. Once the buyer is satisfied with the property the Agent (Broker/Realtor) will assist with negotiations and completing necessary documents for the real estate transaction. The buyer’s agent represents the buyer’s interests.

When representing a Seller – The Broker becomes the Seller’s agent, with a written listing agreement and will assist you with gathering information by conducting a CMA (Competitive Market Analysis). They will offer advice on how to make your home ready for sale. Complete necessary documents pertaining to representation. Market your home by placing real estate signs, listing your home on MLS (Multiple Listing Service), websites and various print advertisements. The seller’s agent represents the seller’s interests.

Intermediary – A Brokermay act as an intermediary between buyer and seller. With written consent to act as an intermediary, and may not disclose confidential information.

Brokers/Realtor/Agents are not home inspectors, appraisers, nor attorneys. A Broker should present you with a form entitled “Information about Brokerage Services” to help understand the duties and obligations of a licensed Broker in the State of Texas.

TAR: Texas Realtor Association - Texas Real Estate Brokers and Salespersons are licensed and regulated by the Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC). If you have questions, please contact TREC at P.O. Box 12188, Austin, Texas78711-2118 or call 512-465-3960512-465-3960

Hope this helps with questions regarding the Texas Real Estate Broker and what their duties and responsibilities are.

© 2010 Brigitte Thompson


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