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Introduction to Home Decoration Using Color Psychology

Updated on January 9, 2015

Welcome to the ultimate series on home improvement and decoration using color psychology!

Two Paths

There are two basic paths you can take when decorating your home: the getting-your-hands-dirty path and the clean path. More often than not they intersect, and things can get complicated -- that is why it is always good to consult with professionals and do research before you change anything in your apartment.

By choosing the first path you can dramatically and permanently alter your home environment. While somewhat intimidating, it also empowers you and regenerates your sense of ownership, which is a great sense, I think we can all agree. There is nothing like taking that roll, dipping it in that bucket of paint and having at it -- covering the walls with a new color -- getting rid of past emotions and bad experiences.

But that's not everybody's way. Many may not have the time, the willingness or even the interest to get their hands dirty. These guys take the clean path. This is also the place to reveal that this series focuses more on the "clean" solutions -- which are less radical and easier to experiment with. Personal admission: I dislike permanent changes and would always prefer the temporary clean ones.

Wall Art!

And how can you change the color of your walls without painting them? By hanging wall art, of course! This series offer ideas on decoration with wall art by various artists (from Leonardo da Vinci to Andy Warhol), with color psychology in mind. These articles will give you clear, concise recommendations on which art prints, posters, tapestries, canvases and other art objects may fit into your room without violating existing color scheme -- and hopefully enhancing it.

Colors and Psychology

Colors mean things. Colors make us feel things. Our visual sense is the most developed and used, hence the importance of colors in our daily lives. Over time, scientists and psychologists have discovered that certain colors influence people in various ways. For instance, red makes people perspire and raises their adrenalin levels, blue calms and yellow invigorates. This is the power of color for you -- it can change your mood drastically, relieve or generate tension -- all just by seeing something, not even looking. Our goal in this series would be to harness this power to our advantage!

Are You Ready for the Fun?

Decorating your home should be a fun, creative and relaxing activity. In order to enjoy it to the fullest, it's best to dedicate some time to it and think over the possibilities and variations. Although most suggestions in this series discuss the bedroom, as the most private and individual place, let's not forget the living room, the kitchen (which for me personally vies with the bedroom for enjoyable activities) and even the bathroom. These spaces have their special color needs and we will discuss them at length in other dedicated articles.


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