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Investing In A Leather Tub Chair For Your Study

Updated on October 14, 2010

Comfort, privacy and a distinctive décor all go into the design process of a study in your home, and selecting just the right built-ins like shelving, storage, and ornate hardwood paneling are a mere piece of the designer’s puzzle. The desk and seating should be taken into close consideration when designing your reading and work retreat. One item that should always be included is the leather tub chair or multiples of the same. This tried and true leather chair has been around for centuries and has been offering comfort to the few that have discovered this wonderful seating product.

Tub Chairs: Leather Seating

Oxblood or dark chocolate brown leather wrapped around the most comfortably designed chair will add a large share of quality and style to any home office you choose. Not for the faint of heart when it comes to a furniture budget, a high-end leather tub chair can run in the fifteen hundred to two thousand dollar areas, and a matching ottoman can cost one third of the chair’s price. Why isn’t this retro throw back from the art deco era more all the rage today? No one really knows the answer, but it is a given that when a person discovers the tub chair, they are usually hooked for life after sitting in the chair for a few moment.

Tub Chairs Are Great In The Home Office

The one problem of having just a single tub chair in your home study or office area is that you will be jockeying for position with your visitor or clients to sit in the chair as well. There is good news in the fact there are tub-chairs made to work with desks too. They even come with adjustable back and height options to make it perfect for your body position when pouring over your work.

The natural flow of the arms will allow the person seated to take on a more relaxed posture that will alleviate neck and lower back pain. As this is not a medical certainty and not certified by any medical entity, but owners of these eclectic chairs offer the philosophy of helping one relax more so than in a regular office type chair.

Leather Tub Chairs Photo

Leather Tub Chair
Leather Tub Chair

Leather Tub Chairs In The Living Room

You do not have to keep your leather tub chair segregated from the rest of your home as you can find matching chairs for the furnishing in a den or family room to enjoy the best of seating comfort in any room of your home. Some homeowners fortunate enough to have a sitting area in their master suite, will employ a tub-chair and matching love seat in their side room for taking after catnaps, or just relaxing with the latest John Grisham novel.

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