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Irish Linen Sheets

Updated on January 19, 2011

Find the finest Irish linen sheets from this hub—through featured products and online retailers. Make sure you get only 100% Irish linen brand fabrics from certified sellers. Also get to know the world-renowned linen some more from our compiled resources below.

What is Irish linen and what makes it different?

Irish Linen logo—seen only on products approved by the guild

The simple and obvious answer is—all linen coming from Ireland. Sounds simple, right? While such is true, and is the premise with which all Irish linen adheres to, there’s more to it that just that. First and foremost, Irish Linen is a brand. Its logo can be seen on the right of this paragraph.

Linen in Ireland is a big deal. Linen, which is cloth woven from the flax fiber, is considered as the fabric of Ireland. This is primarily because flax, commonly known as linseed, was grown in Ireland way before the world came to know it.

A governing body called the Irish Linen Guild is responsible for controlling all Linen-related activities in Ireland. Their only requirement, to merit the Guild’s seal, is that the fabric must have been spun or woven in Ireland by members of the Guild. Anything less than that, although theoretically can be called “Irish linen,” cannot carry the brand’s logo.

However, in present time, linseed has production and cultivation has moved to northern Europe, particularly in France, Belgium and the Netherlands, so even original Irish linen makes use of imported flax. The guild only protects where the linen is spun from or literally made from.

In order to be a member of the guild, the production standards are high. Ireland takes pride in its fabric so getting an original, branded item ensures only the best, 100% natural and finest linen available to man.

Where can I get one?

The Irish Linen Guild promotes its brand and product through its main website. In it you can find locations (worldwide) of known and official distributors. Yes, there are online distributors—or distributors with sites—so purchasing from the comfort of your home is possible. Remember though to only start from their website to be sure.

Irish Linen Guild’s official site.

Now that you know the real story behind Irish linen, I can safely say your new outcome can only be one of two things: love Irish Linen all the more or feel such is a little too overkill for just a fabric. If you feel the latter, then I assume you would be fine with linen produced elsewhere, semi-described as Irish linen, but is also made from fine and careful crafting and materials. If so, you can check out some fine linen sheets from the deals below.


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