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Irus Remote Control Mowers

Updated on July 19, 2011
Irus DELTRAK Remote controlled mower
Irus DELTRAK Remote controlled mower | Source


Conventional ride-on mowers are not well suited to mowing steep slopes. Mowing a slope side to side poses a large risk of slipping or toppling, particulary if the grass is wet. Moving the slope vertically solves this problem but is inefficient and time consuming. Land that is uneven or covered in debris also poses a challenge for a ride on mower. A remote controlled mower solves these problems by removing the need for the operator to be on the mower, allowing the mower to mow steep slopes and difficult terrain without putting the operator at risk.

Irus Deltrak

The Irus DELTRAK remote control mower is able to safely mow areas unsafe for operators on ride-on mowers, being able to horizontally mow banks up to 55 degrees for extended periods of time. This removes the need to vertically mow, reducing mowing time and increasing efficiency. The DELTRAK is able to mow banks, ditches and areas covered in debris, which would be near impossible for conventional ride-on mowers. It is built to cope with heavy and challenging operation and is simple and safe to use. The engine is able to pivot using a zero-gravity articulating system, ensuring the engine is always in an upright position, even on steep banks, allowing the DELTRAK to easily mow uneven terrain. An example of this is the gardens at Boughton House in Northamptonshire, which are mown using an Irus DELTRAK. A 35hp Briggs Daihatsu Turbo Diesel engine powers the DELTRAK giving it a top speed of 12mph.

Remote Control System

The Irus Deltrak can be completely controlled remotely via the Multi-channel remote control system it is equipped with. The mowers throttle, brakes, cutter engagement, along with the cutting head height on top-of-the-range models, can all be controlled remotely at distances above 300m. Upon going outside of this range, or disappearing over the top of a hill, the engine will automatically cut out for safety.


Engine: 34hp turbo diesel engine (Briggs & Stratton Diahatsu)
Cutting width: 42"(105cm), 50"(125cm) flail
Cutting height: Variable
Transmission: Double hydro pumps
Top Speed: 12 miles per hour(Forwards), 5mph (Reverse)
Brakes: Parking brake
Deck: Side and rear discharge decks
Deck construction: Fabricated from 10-gauge steel, with double top deck, welded corners and double reinforced side skirts
Remote Control range: 200-300m (visible range)
Sender Operating Frequency Range: 433.1 - 434.75 MHz
Dimensions: 1.95m (Length) x 1.25m (Width) x 1.11m (Height)
Dry weight: 550-650kg
Warranty: 1 year factory warranty


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