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Is It A Good Idea To Buy A Cheap Electric Hover Lawn Mower?

Updated on September 12, 2013

Looking At The Benefits Of Using A Cheap Electric Lawn Mower

Cutting the lawn can be one of the more enjoyable jobs in the garden, but it can also be one of the most tedious. A lot depends on the mower being used, and if it is suitable for your garden. A mower which is not practical for your needs will make cutting the grass a more difficult job than it needs to be, and could result in a badly cut or uncared for lawn.

Choosing the right mower depends on 3 things:




A plus point of hover mowers is the wide price range. Hover mowers have one of the cheapest starting price points of any of the mower types, partly due to the simplicity of their design and also their popularity. It is possible to buy a hover mower that will effectively serve your needs while also being cheap to buy. Electric hover mowers at the low end of the price range are easy to maintain or cheap to replace due to the simple way they are made.

electric hover lawn mower
electric hover lawn mower | Source

Another benefit of many cheap hover mowers is the design. Hover mowers float on a bed of air while pulling the blades of grass upright, giving a clean cut and cutting each piece of grass many times. Due to the simple way that hover mowers cut the grass, their design can be very simple, which means they can be lightweight. This makes them easy to use and easy to handle.

The simple design also lends to smaller models being easy to make and produce. So, if storage is limited, a hover mower is an ideal choice. The lightweight advantage allows the possibility of hanging the mower from a hook on the wall, further reducing the amount of storage space taken up by the machine.

Electric hover mowers will be suitable for many gardens. They are ideally suited to small to medium lawns, with access to an electric power source. For uneven lawns they really come to the fore. Hover mowers will float over bumps and lumps in the lawn, avoiding the unsightly scalping that can be caused by cylinder and rotary mowers. They don’t have any limitations to cutting grass banks and will make it easier, due to their weight and manoeuvrability.

Due to the way hover mowers cut, the grass gets cut into tiny pieces so the cuttings can be left on the lawn as mulch. Models with collection boxes are available if you prefer to remove the cuttings without the hassle of having to rake them up.

Features to consider:

Power. Measured in watts, a higher number will indicate more power.

Cable length. How far from the power source do you need to reach?

Blade Width. A larger blade will give a quicker cut.

These are the benefits of electric hover mowers. They wont be suitable for every lawn, but for many, the ease and simplicity of use, coupled with little maintenance requirements and cheap starting prices, make them the ideal choice.


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