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Drinking Water Contaminated

Updated on November 12, 2015

Boiling water Is Not Effective Against Chromium Contamination

Recently, it was told the City of Chicago that their drinking water supplies had unusual levels of Chromium. Clean water is one of the most important needs of our bodies.

By Law the City Water Management must tell its citizens about unsafe levels. This is due to the fact that in 1974 congress passed the Safe Drinking Water Act in which the EPA was given the job of testing the water concentration to determine the health risks, in other words, if the water was safe to drink.

This test was called the Maximum Contaminant Level Goal (MCLG) which for chromium was 0.1 parts per million (ppm).

It is now at an emergency level and the city has been told to find another source of drinking water.

Now, that may be good advertisement for the water bottling companies that supply the city but what they are not telling you is that most water bottlers use the same source with little or no filtration.

It has not been told how long it has been since we have been trying to ingest metal. Chromium is a metal ore used as a protective coating on other metals such as silver, and used as pigments in paints, cement, and rubber. Other materials in which it is widely used are coal and its partner as sources of energy, oil.

One can see that we have been drinking so much chromium that it is a wonder the airport metal detectors haven’t been singing the star spangled banner. It is a sad fact that something as essential to life as clean drinking water can no longer be received without hesitation.

It forces one to wonder why is it that so basic a supply as common drinking water has now become a financial obligation. With every gulp of water, there is an increase of metallic concentration of chromium and other metallic substances which lead to affliction of all sorts. Of course this is a great boost for the pharmaceutical industry.

But what have the citizens done wrong that they have been subjected to drinking chromium with a payment attached?

Chromium is harmful when it exceeds a certain level in the body and has the potential to cause kidney disease. Just think of your liver being chromium plated, and that goes for your heart, liver and nerve tissues.

Chromium must be removed from our drinking water when it is determined that it s potentially harmful. We must have safe drinking water which is becoming increasingly harder to find, especially in industrially developed countries such as the U.S.

But all is not lost, for certain methods that have been shown to have success in removing chromium from our drinking water such as; ion exchange, reverse osmosis, lime softening and coagulation filtration.

Now it becomes our duty as citizens to put a demand on the powers that be, to ensure safe drinking water that will be beneficial to both the individual and the state which can come from beneath the burden of increasing Medicare.


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