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Is it ok to lay coat of floor finish today and lay more coats several days later?

Updated on March 16, 2011

Is it ok to lay a coat of floor finish today and lay more coats few days later?

Many people commonly ask this question, if it is ok to lay a coat of finish today and lay more coats of finish several days later (Due to time limit).

The answer is yes.

Yes, you can, but you have to do a light top scrubbing first before you can lay more coats of finish.

Depending on how many days have gone by after you have stripped the floor and laid coats of finish last time, you might have to do some top scrubbing to do, before you can add more floor finish onto the floor. If only few days have gone by and the floor is still yet clean, you can follow these steps:

1: Dust mop the floor.

2: Dilute neutral cleaner 3 to 4 oz per gallon of clean water and lightly wet the floor.

3: Run your floor machine with a white color or red color pad to lightly scrub and clean the floor.

4: Rinse with a clean water and let the floor dry.

5: Now you can lay 1st coat of finish and let it dry.

6: If you want to lay more than one coat, wait until the 1st coat of finish is completely dried.

7: Lay 2nd coat of finish and let it dry.

8: Use air mover to dry faster.

* Caution: Do not put Air Blower/fan too close to the floor starting from a high speed.This could cause the finish to dry looking wavy. You should put an air blower several feet away from the floor finish just laid and start from a low speed and gradually increase it to higher speed.

9: You can burnish the floor after 24 to 36 hours later.

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