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Is the Angel Juicer REALY the best juicer to buy?

Updated on July 14, 2010

The Angel Juicer has a high quality professional look

The Angel Juicer claims to be the best

Many people are choosing to make their own fruit and vegetable juices to naturally supplement their diets. There are many great reasons to drink fresh juice – it contains all the goodness of the original fruits and vegetables, and is a much easier way of obtaining nutrients, live enzymes, vitamins and minerals than actually eating all these ingredients off a plate!  (Mmm-mmm, raw vegetables for dinner.)

So what sort of juicer machine should you look for, and what are the best makes and models? Let's look at one of the best ones around, and why it is worth paying a bit extra for – the famous Angel Juicer.

Angel have been building juicer machines since 1983, and in this whole time, the original Angel Juicer has actually changed very little. Simply put, this is because it is such a good, bullet-proof design that there has been no great need to alter anything.

The important thing about this juicer is that it uses a twin gear juice extraction system. What this means is that unlike normal juicers, which use spinning blades to shred and then drain the liquid out of foods, it uses two steel rollers that physically crush everything you put in. The result is very dry pulp (which means you get more juice), and a richer juice that is much higher in minerals, vitamins, and living enzymes as more of the tough fibers in the food are broken down.

The bottom line is that the Angel juicer gives you better quality juice that is more beneficial to your health.

Apart from being a fantastic juice extractor, the Angel Juicer is also well known for its other abilities. Thanks to the powerful crushing twin gear system, it can function as a specialised food processor. Ever wanted to make your own peanut butter, or maybe cashew butter? Easily done, with the simple to fit attachments that come with the juicer.

Perhaps even more remarkable is the ability to make cold pressed oils using the juicing attachment. Linseed and flax seeds can be poured into the machine just like any other ingredient, to produce pure, ultra healthy oils that are rich in omega 3 nutrients.

Not many juicers can claim this kind of versatility. No doubt you are also weighing up in your mind the fact that the Angel Juicer is one of the most expensive juicers out there! However, if you are really serious about your health and love top quality gear then you simply can’t look past this one.  It is well worth the price; it's the fastest and best juicer on the market, and it makes the healthiest juice on earth.   After all, what price your health?


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    • profile image

      Melizza 5 years ago

      I've always liked the Omega 8005 Juicer a lot. It is one of the most popular and versatile juicers on the market. It is a little pricier than some, starting at $259.99. But if you are serious about juicing, then you NEED this machine, just look at the reviews! I found a list on with detailed info and links for the best juicers.

    • profile image

      I want the best juicer 6 years ago

      That is a very expensive juicer, but if I'm going to be using it every day, I want the best juicer! I'll price check with some other ones, but I'll probably end up going with this juicer.