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Japanese art is becoming mainstay for American decorating

Updated on October 17, 2011

Japanese art has been gaining increasing popularity when it comes to American decorating. The reasoning behind this is simple. American's are looking to create a sanctuary and nothing does this better than Japanese art. To understand why Japanese traditional art has such a draw on current decorating trends it is essential to look at what is the driving force behind Japanese arts.

If you were to look into a traditionally designed Japanese home you would find wide open spaces, and minimal decorations. The pieces that do appear would be delicate, well balanced, with clean lines. The Asian-style approach is one of minimalism and functionality. Looking at the influences on Japanese art you will find the Japanese have a way for doing everything, it is careful, formal, polite and filled with a simplicity and elegance.

These features could be said to be the driving force behind the movement to incorporate Japanese arts into modern American homes. These calm, serene but elegant works bring a sense of balance and peace to a space that is hard to come by with other types of art.

Americans lead hectic and busy lives that are filled with an amazing amount of stress. This stress leads to a variety of health concerns; however, by creating a sanctuary within the living space, stress can be greatly reduced. There is nothing better than the sense of peace and serenity that comes from walking into a room filled with light and graceful, delicate and calm pieces of Japanese art.

The Japanese art styles are made with clean straight lines that while simple and elegant can also make a bold statement. People looking for bold, modernistic designs that incorporate elegance and attract the eye may be drawn to Japanese styles. For those with less modernistic tastes the muted colors and simple designs appeal to those of a more classical or traditional bent. Furniture accents are simple carvings, the warm, rich tone of the stains and perhaps doors accented with metal fixtures that are also simple designs. Furniture pieces are designed to be multi functional as well as decorative.

The Japanese arts span everything from sculpture and pottery, to paintings, carvings, furniture, and paper folding as well as gardening. In every one of the Japanese arts no matter what the complexity of the design it does not loose the elegance that personifies the styles. It is these aspects that draw people to it.

The wide open spaces, muted tones, clean lines and the generous use of elegant and simple designs and the minimalist approach makes Japanese art highly appealing for a number of decorative schemes. Japanese art goes with just about any style, any taste and every color theme. The pieces make wonderful conversation starts, accents and there is a wide abundance of styles and mediums making it highly versatile. These are some of the biggest reasons why Japanese traditional art is a mainstay of American decorating.


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