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Jonquil, Narcissus and Tulip's

Updated on September 30, 2011

How To Grow Bulb's

It is undesirable to hold these bulb's in a dry condition longer than is necessary, and those intented for pot culture should be got in promptly.

A low temperature must be relied on for keeping back such as are intended to flower late.

The double Roman and the Paper White natually come into bloom in advance of other sorts and these should be selected for the earliest display.

Give them rich porous compost and pot them firmly, but not to firmly as this will stop root's from penetrate or the bulb will be raised above the compost.

Place them in a cool spot covered with compost to keep the bulbs in their places, and to prevent the foliage from starting prematurely.

When top growth commences about one inch the pots must go into the greenhouse or frame where they can progress slowly until the moment arrives for forcing them.

In the open ground Narcissus should be planted in quantity especially in spots where it appears to be natually at home. A charming effect is to put them in rough grass adjoining shrubbery borders.

Instead of cutting the grass allow it to throw up flower heads, this allows bulb's time to mature in readiness for the following season.

The many form's of double and single daffodil are effective border flowers, the numerous varietes of Narcissus should be grown in clumps and patches in every spot that is vacant.

In planting, be guided as to distance by the size of the bulb allowing four or five inches between small bulb's to nine inches for large varietes, depth six to nine inches.


The early class of tulips is of great value for forcing because of their brilliant colours and elegant forms.

Several bulb's may be put into one pot, but it is more convenient to grow them singly so that flowers in exactly the same stage of development may be selected for use at one time.

A continuous supply may be secured by potting batches at short intervals.


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