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Fresh Bedroom Decoration Using Astrology Zodiac Summer Signs

Updated on January 10, 2015

Who Was Juno?

June owes its name to the ancient Roman goddess Juno. She was a part of the official pagan cult and a highly respected deity, the protector of Rome itself. She was, however, also a woman -- Jupiter's jealous wife who brought grief to her husband's numerous lovers. As it often happened with pagan gods and goddesses, Juno was responsible for many spheres of human activity, some of them contradictory.

She protected the city and the empire as a female warrior -- bringing death -- but also gave birth and supported women -- bringing life. She was a larger than life character who will serve well a larger than life (in size or in temperament) modern woman.

Now let's examine some decoration ideas with this mythological and not so mythological backdrop in mind:


June encompasses two zodiac periods, Gemini and Cancer. I am not much of an astrologist, but Zodiac signs always fascinated me for their visual, decorative qualities. There are, in fact, many variations and fanciful representations besides the original black&white ones. Some of them are more figurative and straightforward, others are almost hieroglyph-like and indecipherable for the uninitiated. Both Gemini and Cancer icons are notable for their symmetry, while the repetitious, curving lines lead to occult and magical associations.


The entire scope of ideas and illustrations is covered by the art prints you see on the right: there is the simple and animated like version, the Far Eastern variation with some Indian and totemic elements -- very forceful and colorful, and, finally the overwhelming paintings by Jacob Jordaens, a Baroque Flemish artist who created many paintings on pagan themes. Personally, I would have had serious difficulties deciding for which of the pictures to go for, but, if pressed, I would actually choose the simplest images -- they are unpretentious and reduce the risk of a lapse in taste.


But let's land back on our planet -- I would like to talk about haystacks, the omnipresent theme of impressionist painters who wanted to capture (late) summer light on canvas. The most prominent haystacks artist is undoubtedly Claude Monet. He created a series on that theme, depicting haystack during various times of day as well as various seasons. His light effects enthrall us with their shimmering, vibrating quality, even in the winter versions. But the summer images are the most generous and fluid. Van Gogh wasn't as sophisticated as Monet, for which he compensated with vigor and extreme vitality. His haystacks are so bright that they invoke the sun, as if trying to imitate it -- and to thank it for their existence.


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