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KD Tri-Fold Lounger Futon Frame

Updated on May 18, 2011

There are many reviews for futons and the one I have, the KD Lounger Futon Frame. However this will not be a straight up review. I have had the lounger for nine months now and I absolutely love it. It is easy to assemble and the instructions are easy to follow, although it took some time to assemble. There is a five year manufacturer warranty against any faulty defects or workmanship. Thus far I have not seen any defects nor is it likely that I will.

The lounger is a tri-fold frame and is more of a love seat than a couch. The frame is made of Poplar and is a solid hardwood construction. It has a four position adjustable back rest and positions into a bed, lounger with footrest (my favorite position), lounger without footrest, and the love seat sofa. The frame is unfinished so you can paint, stain, or clear finish it. That way it can match your own personal style and liking.

The frame comes in Twin, Full, and Queen sizes.This futon frame can go virtually anywhere, it is great for college dorms or any place with little room. My room is about ten feet by ten feet and there is still walking room. It can go in a guest room or gaming room. Not only does it go anywhere it is very comfortable. I not only sleep on it but I also use it to watch TV, play video games, and watch movies. In fact I am on it as I am writing this hub. And to go a bit further on this subject, I am a big person weighing in about 240 pounds, and its still as sturdy as ever.

The frame is shipped by UPS in about three to five business days. As for the price the retail price is around $200 - $240, but you can get the lounger for less by doing a little research and looking around. I got my frame from for a total of $128. But that was just for the frame, no mattress or cover. In order to get the best deal for you, you need to look around and see if there are any deals and special bundle sales going on. And look around your own hometown for any local businesses that sell mattresses and the like, you might be pleasantly surprised on the deals you can get.

Whether you are fan of futons or someone new looking into futons, this is one you must have. It is American made and manufactured, and they have been in this business since 1984 experimenting and perfecting their design, and they understand the stress that is placed on the futon to insure that it will stay through the years to come. If you use this futon everyday or not it is a great addition to and looks good in any room or setting. If you have been burned by other futons, like I have been, then this is the futon for you.

On a side note I highly recommend that you visit and click on the futon HELP button for some good advice and tips for the car of your futon frame and mattress.

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Bed positionLounge without footrest positionLounge with footrest positionLove seat position
Bed position
Bed position
Lounge without footrest position
Lounge without footrest position
Lounge with footrest position
Lounge with footrest position
Love seat position
Love seat position


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