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Kate Spade Ads: Get Design Inspiration

Updated on June 1, 2011

Fashion advertisements have been my latest weakness. When a high fashion advertisement is done right, it makes you just want to travel through time and space right into the ad! Who doesn't look at those glossy images and wish they were in a Pucci bikini on an Island in Aruba? Whether the ad evokes feelings of nostalgia or feelings of desire, I love to explore them and utilize them for more than simply flipping through a magazine.

Many men (and women) often complain about the pointlessness and expense of magazines. They say "All they are filled with are advertisements!". Which I retort by saying "Yes, that is the point." Of course the ad is trying to sell a product, but you can get so much more from it. Take my friend Cecilia for example (name concealed to protect the friend, lol): She recently decorated her entire loft-style apartment based off a Prada fashion ad. Which is quite alarming if you think about it because it Is Prada! She literally ripped out the ad from her September Vogue and kept it in her desk until she was ready to renovate. She brought that ad into the home depot and got to working!

I hate to say it, but her apartment looks AMAZING, and I am in jealousy central. I got into the habit of "pulling" my own favorite design inspiration looks from magazines, but it's becoming a cluttered mess! Yes, I did think about investing in a nice ostrich bound portfolio, but decided against it and chose to showcase them in a hub instead! These are my absolute favorite Kate Spade ads of all time. I would love to own a home decorated entirely based around Kate Spade's bright candy colors and patterns!


Kate Spade Ad Design Inspiration

The first thing I realized while looking through these Kate Spade ads, was that I wanted my house to feature a different color-concept in each room. I want each room to highlight a different color to make the home look inviting, happy and fresh. Kate Spade ads love to feature unique but crisp patterns, and classic American colors such as watermelon pink and gardenia green, which may be intended for handbag purposes, but would look amazing in home decor.


Kate Spade Elements of Design

One of the most interesting things about Kate Spade Ads are the small touches of bold interest. Take a look at the third photo in this collection, see that random furry tail? I love that element of surprise for a room. Can't you just picture a fully daffodil-yellow painted room with a marvelous leopard chair as the focal piece?

I also love that element of classic vintage in Kate Spade ads. It's a good idea to add some personality and charm into the design of a room. Since I'm not huge into antiques, I would add small touches here and there for a slightly vintage and homey feel.

Kate Spade Decor & Holidays!


Kate Spade Travel Elements

I've always wanted a slightly "travel" themed house. That way, all the nick-knacks I collect from around the world can all fit into one cozy place. Plus, I'd love to keep reminders around of the places I've been and want to still go. Kate Spade ads lend great ideas on how to capture the essence of travel with style. Not only that, but the ads make me want to jump into my car and head on a road-trip down to the South of Mexico!


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    • yenajeon profile image

      yenajeon 6 years ago from California

      vocalcoach: I'm glad you loved the photos. Kate Spade ads are one of my favorites!

    • vocalcoach profile image

      Audrey Hunt 6 years ago from Idyllwild Ca.

      I love fashion! Interesting hub - good images. Thanks. :)vocalcoach